Sucky design skills.

I just realized that whatever mangled code I try to pass off as CSS based HTML makes it nearly impossible to effectively cut and paste text off of my website. Or any of the other sites I’ve designed it would appear.


Just when I think I’ve got it figured out I discover just how far off the mark I am.  Oh well. Looks like it’s time to start studying up again to see if I can figure out why this problem occurs.

2 thoughts on “Sucky design skills.

  1. Damn, I thought it was me. Yey. I’ve had to send friends whole pages, instead of special pickins.
    You rock anyhoo.

  2. I’m working on a new three-columned layout that should correct the issues this current design has. I’ve just not decided if I want to keep the same basic design or go with something totally new image-wise. Hopefully I’ll have a more cut-and-paste friendly version of the site up soon.

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