It’s very late. I should be in bed. Was going to write some stuff this evening, but decided to spend it playing Dungeon Siege instead. Mind was a bit foggy most of the day anyway. Probably wouldn’t have said anything worthwhile if I had written.

OK, niters. I’m off to bed now.

3 thoughts on “Shhhhhhh!

  1. DS is gorgeous to look at, and its never-ending movement/no load screen design is nothing short of brilliant.

    Now, if they’d only written a good adventure around it. DS was too linear by far for me. I prefer Baldur’s Gate 2, which had many side-quests, or Neverwinter Nights.

  2. I’ve not really played DS much as a single player game. I mainly got into it because some friends wanted to do the multiplayer thing with it and for that it’s more than enjoyable. DS is what Diablo II should have been in my opinion.

    I have the first Balder’s Gate but haven’t ever gotten very far in it. The fact that it gets to a point that you need to have it auto-pause on a regular basis just to accomplish anything in a combat has kept me from getting too involved. If the game is going to require that sort of thing anyway then you may as well program it that way from the start. I guess I’m spoiled on Japanese RPGs on the PS2 in that way.

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