SEB gains a guest bastard.

You folks have probably seen Eric’s various rants and witty commentaries showing up here and there on SEB for awhile now so most of you are going to be familiar with him already. Well now he’s an official SEB Guest Bastard mainly because he doesn’t feel he has enough to say to merit his own blog and I felt he had enough stuff to say that was worth hearing that he should have someplace to post it other than just my comments. Hard to say how often his posts will show up, but at least now when inspiration strikes he won’t have to hope I have something remotely relevant to attach it to.

3 thoughts on “SEB gains a guest bastard.

  1. Welcome Eric (aka. MonkeyBoy).  Everytime I see stupid greeting card with monkeys (especially the poo flinging kind) I can’t help but think of you and that “unfinished” hero character.  Much love to you and anticipation of your future contributions.

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