Scott kicks ass.

I’m giving up on trying to put my political viewpoints out for others to see. Scott over at The Gamer’s Nook manages to say a lot of what I would anyway and is much more active at it than I am.

Nice to see someone putting into words for others to see, somewhere other than on blogs.

Too many people are wrapping themselves in the false patriotism that’s running rampant, doing all they can to stamp out any and all dissent.

Now is not the time for that; rather, now is the time to be raising the level of debate in this country regarding the dark course we’re treading.

From now on I’m just going to be lazy and link to his articles that I think speak volumes and say something inane like “YEAH! WHAT HE SAID!”

4 thoughts on “Scott kicks ass.

  1. I figured it out:

    Those of us who get so pissed at the extremes (protesters and war supporters) are logical thinkers.

    We know that there are more than two sides to the issue, and that people who insist that there’s only one – or that if you don’t support the war you don’t support the troops and vice versa – are reacting, not thinking. No matter which opinion they hold, it’s as much pissoffedness as it is their own actual opinion. I personally hold the more destructive protesters in as “high regard” as I do the folks running about calling people unAmerican and asshats if they don’t fully support the war and want us to “kick some towelhead cameljockey ass” – which is to say, there are some days I barely regard them as sentient beings.

    Morons to the left, morons to the right, another probable moron currently in control.

  2. So you’re saying I will need to go to Scott’s site now to post all of my political rants?

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