Robin’s putting out.

Robin has got a couple of cool entries over at One Girl’s Life that I wanted to point folks to.

What are you looking at me like that for? What did you THINK I meant?

One is about the latest photo book by Dave Naz called Panties. In this book Dave has lots of photos of real women in real panties in real environments sans makeup or pretense. Robin’s entry is short and you can read it here.

The other one that I thought was good reading was her rant on makeup and beauty that she wrote after watching a documentary called Beauty in a Jar on The History Channel. The documentary covered the rise of the beauty industry starting around the 1920s and the impact it’s message has had on women since. Good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Robin’s putting out.

  1. those “fake” panties…. well, the ones in the adds… Victoria Secrets and such… are not the type worn on a day to day basis.  For one, they are usually too colorful NOT to be seen under the your clothes and that is not appropriate for everyday existence/work atmosphere (unless you’re a striper or prostitute).  Two they are uncomfortable to try and “work in” or bum around the house in all day. 

    I guess “real panties” means… real like living as opposed to the glorified, unrealistic, over-demanding, male expectation that every woman worth her salt subjects herself to running around in sexy impractical underwear all the time … just in case some man should happen to catch a glimpse under clothes.

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