Restroom Riddles: Spitting in urinals.

This has been bugging me for awhile now and I just have to ask this question: Why the hell do some guys feel the need to spit in the urinal in a public restroom prior to using it? And, why does it seem to be a common habit among one or two ethnic groups?

I have talked about men’s bathroom habits before such as how some men like to take a “hands off” approach to urination, but that at least seems to be a relatively infrequent occurrence and the folks who do it don’t tend to have anything in common with each other than A) being men and B) having a phobia about touching their own pricks while peeing.

I’m not talking about guys who walk into the john and cough up a goober the size of Rhode Island due to a cold or too much chewing tobacco either. That I can understand and I’d prefer they deposited it in the urinal rather than the sink or, much worse, the public drinking fountain as some guys do. No, I’m talking about guys who just walk up and spit a small amount of saliva into the urinal for no apparent reason. Some of these guys have to pause for a moment to collect enough spit to do the job and they absolutely, positively, will not piss before they spit.

Spitting in the urinal prior to using it seems to be a very common practice with men of at least two different ethnic groups, which I won’t list because I don’t want to be accused of being a bigot. Suffice it to say that here at my job we have a very diverse workforce with people from all over the world working here which tends to be common at automotive companies. At first I thought it was just me noticing a few select individuals doing the spitting, but as time has gone on I’ve noticed that just about every single man in these two different ethnic groups pauses to expectorate prior to relieving himself and it’s just boggling to me. I’ve wondered if its a cultural issue or if it has some sort of religious aspect to it, but I can’t think of a good way to ask that might not potentially offend someone. Let alone the just plain oddness of saying something like:

    “Hey, I’ve been watching you closely every time you come in here to piss and I can’t help but notice that you take a moment to spit in the urinal prior to draining your weasel. Is there some reason you do that or are you just some sort of weirdo?”

People at work already have enough reason to think I’m strange. I don’t need them thinking I study how they piss with the dedicated attention of a psychologist.

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  1. It’s so they have something to aim at – that makes urinating more fun!

    At least, that’s why I spit in the urinals before using them…but perhaps I shouldn’t mention that little habit.

  2. OK, I was getting a little worried about you there for a while, but by the time I got to the end I was feeling better.  LOL This is just too funny!  I have no answer to the riddle, though; but I think Natalie might have nailed it.  LOL Oh, btw, how come your “remember me” thingy doesn’t ever remember me?  I’m developing a terrible complex and my feelings are getting hurt. *wink*

  3. Weird! Now I am wondering if some women piss into the toilet before they go?

    I do know that some make a 10 minute production of covering the seat.  LOL

  4. les, why can’t you guys just piss in the urinal without looking at each other? i mean, if you were watching your own , you wouldn’t notice the spitting. guys are just weird.

  5. I’ve always been amazed by the bathroom behavior of others.  Since I’m not a guy Natalie’s concept sounds right to me.  I also think it could also been some type of ownership ritual.  Like they are marking it before using it.  As far as the observing others I chaulk that up to human nature.

  6. Natalie – I so wanna know how you know about using urinals. There’s just got to be a fascinating story behind your comment. grin

    Leigh – I’ve noticed that it works on the popup comments but not if you go to the individual entry page and post a comment. I must have broken that one when I worked on the design a bit. I’ll see if I can fix it.

    Kat – Trust me. Most of us guys try very hard not to acknowledge that there’s anyone else in the restroom, let alone notice how they’re going about their business. There’s even a code of ethics many guys follow on what order you select a urinal if some of them are already in use. There are some behaviors that are just so odd you end up noticing them despite your efforts, though. You don’t WANT to notice, but you can’t help it.

  7. Thanks, I needed a big grin today. I guess it is pretty hard not to notice people spitting. In the urinal. Weird!

  8. Okay, I promised Les I’d comment on this one…it could go WAY back to potty training .  My 3 1/2 year old grandson gets to put three cheerios in the toilet as a “target.”  Since his grandfather went into the bathroom with him, I didn’t ask for a report of how good his aim was .  I agree with Kat, guys ARE weird!

  9. Good ideas all, but riddle me this batgirls… as an adult male I can tell you from many years of experience that there is usually no end of targets to be found in a urinal. I have seen rivers of phlegm, mountains of cigarette butts and chewed up gum, a veritable wig store full of short hairs, and once even a watch band so even discounting the tiny eroded toilet-mint there is plenty in that porcelain shooting gallery to keep a boy entertained.

    What I want to know is why men seem to think it is okay to pick their noses and wipe the mucous on the wall over the urinal like some fucking communal Jackson Pollack painting?!? I have seen this enough to know it is not a rare occurrence.

  10. i don’t see why they do it, could they be deriving any pleasure out of this?

    I think i myself will give it a shot to see.


  11. i think it’s because people esp… guys like pissing from both the sides …like puking from both the sides when you are high and u have diarrohea

  12. I don’t care about being called a bigot. Have seen ‘em all doing it. Black, white, push start, pull start, europa’s, slant eyes, you name it. I’m still wondering why.
    And another one. Why do they all feel the need to slam the seat down before dropping a dump? Scares the shit out me while I am standing there wizzing (without spitting). Can’t we all just gently place the seat down?

  13. I think it’s like a “tracer” round, to check the trajectory and splash before firing the live rounds.  Maybe it came from the military?

  14. okay – most guys spit, I’ve found.  I started noticing this when I noticed that I spit.  I don’t know when or why I started, but damn if it isn’t a lot more convenient than hawking a big loogie in a public, loogie-unfriendly environment.  I guess the deal might be – if you have to get rid of one bodily fluid causing you some discomfort, why not another?  By now it’s habit.  Any phlegm coating the back of my throat is automatically brought to the forefront as soon as I get to the urinal door.  I don’t know why it would bother anyone else in the bathroom, any more than a long, trombone-like fart prior to dropping the boys off in the pool.  It’s a bathroom, fer chrissakes. 

    And fellahs – put the frikin’ seat back up when you’re done.  You’re not at home, bowing to the will of the estrogen-laden who insist that the seat must remain down at all times.  No women are going to stumble into the men’s room in the middle of the night and fall in.  Put the seat up (use the toe of your shoe if you must), because it means that someone, somewhere down the line (maybe you?) will have a nice, clean, piss-free seat to perch upon when he needs to take a dump.

    And a piss-covered seat is WAY more disturbing than hearing someone hawk a big lung oyster, in my honest and humble opinion.

  15. LOL! Geez, that one’s been bugging me forever.  I’m thinking it’s some kind of obsessive compulsion they’re not even aware of, or possibly an expression of their manhood.  I mean, aside from scratching your nuts and talking about sports, what else do you associate with “real” men? Spitting of course!  It’s like telling the other guys in the bathroom “i’m not gay. really.”

    But here’s another one that bugs me even more. You walk into a bathroom and grab the furthest most stall since they’re all empty. You’re just settling in for a relaxing crap when a guy comes in and takes the one right next to you! WTF?  Is it somehow soothing for these folks to know another guy is deficating within arms reach?

  16. I spit all the time before or during urination.  I personally think that the desire to spit is natural when taking a piss.

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