Man attempts to recharge cell phone battery in microwave.

And now it’s once again time for the STUPID EVIL BASTARD SAFETY TIP OF THE DAY!

Always remember that Microwave ovens are only meant for the cooking and reheating of food. Trying to recharge your cell phone battery in a microwave may result in an explosion and serious injury!

FIRE authorities said today a Perth man was lucky to escape unharmed after his explosive attempt to recharge his mobile phone battery – in a microwave oven.

What would lead one to think you could recharge a cell phone battery inside a microwave oven is a mystery to us here at SEB, but it’s apparent that someone somewhere thinks it’s a good idea so we’re here to help make stupid people a little less stupid with today’s helpful safety tip. Don’t bother to thank us, we’re not listening.

6 thoughts on “Man attempts to recharge cell phone battery in microwave.

  1. people microwave their phones to wreck them- and then they take it back to the phone company complaining about how their phone stopped working so they can get a new phone (if old phone is under warranty). Therefore they are not really stupid.. should remove the battery though..LOL

  2. People with OCD disorders like me, wanted to make sure it would do what I would think even thought the damage or injury were taking into accout.

  3. Out of curiosity, how long do you have to microwave a cell phone to render it useless?

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