It’s gonna be a good day today.

Weather forecast has us hitting 80+ degrees here in my modest little suburb of Detroit. I managed to get that behind-the-toilet cabinet-thingy my wife bought put together with a maximum of only three blisters on my right hand from wielding the screwdriver last night. That had to be the worst of the worst in terms of put-it-together-yourself home furnishings, but it’s done now so I can enjoy the day without worrying about getting that done when I get home. I have to work today, but it’s only a 4 day week because of the holiday so even that doesn’t bother me.

I’ve been making the rounds of some of the more political blogs I’ve got in my blogrolls and I have to admit that I feel somewhat small in comparison as these guys really dig into the issues in a way I just don’t tend to. I’ve also been following the big flare up over a very popular blogger who has admitted to plagiarizing some of his stuff and it makes me kinda glad my site isn’t all that popular. Some folks out there consider blogging just this side of full-on journalism so someone who’s popular and ends up making a mistake becomes a feeding-frenzy for the click-obsessed. Then other click-obsessed types begin to accuse the click-obsessed of blogging about how the mighty have fallen just to boost their own hit ratios. I look at how many visitors come to my site and I’m amazed there are that many people who bother stopping by.

Just for the record, I don’t pretend to be a journalist and while I do try to be fair about the things I talk about here, I don’t pretend to be objective or consider this site the next-best thing to Time magazine. This is just a bunch of crap I felt like praising or whining about. I think Eric’s working from that same sort of attitude which is why I asked him to contribute.

Anyway, thinking about all that stuff this morning made me realize it’s going to be a great day outside today and I don’t care if my site is nothing more than a niche for a handful of readers. Hopefully you folks walk away at least mildly entertained and maybe a little better informed about issues some folks never stop to think about. Even if you’re not, that’s OK too cause it’s going to be 80 outside today and I plan to enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “It’s gonna be a good day today.

  1. That’s my attitude, too, regarding whether or not folks read my site. I figure it’s a release valve for me, more than anything else, and if other folks are willing to discuss things, then that’s more than fine by me.

    We’re supposed to hit high 70’s, maybe 80, ourselves, today.

    What happened to spring? We had snow last Monday!

  2. While I do some research before I post my insane blathering, I do not consider myself the voice of authority on ANY subject, and do not consider myself objective enough to be a worthy journalist (not that objectivity seems to be all that important to journalism now days – Fox news). I like coming here and posting because it forces me to think and let’s me blow off steam and if I can draw anyone else into a debate (or shouting match) so much the better.

  3. I used to be a journalist and even though I was getting paid for it, I always felt somehow that I was pretending to be one. It was a surreal time.

  4. Well you have small blog appeal, I find personally that sometimes just parusing through the large blogs is just far to much work and most people are way to serious.

    P.S. another reason its a good day….I didnt have to us my AK.

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