I suppose I’ll have to try harder.

Hmmm. Apparently I’m not evil or bastard enough for some folks. I’m just stupid.

Well, at least I’m good at something. One out of three isn’t too bad. Not like I’m getting paid for this.

5 thoughts on “I suppose I’ll have to try harder.

  1. Hmmmm … well, personally speaking, I didn’t think you were any of the 3, but didn’t want to say anything for fear of hurting your feelings.  lol wink

  2. I appreciate that Leigh. I’ve worked long and hard to earn my moniker and it sure would be a crushing disappointment to learn that I’m not stupid, evil, or a bastard after putting in so much time and effort on it. grin

    Hey, I’m just trying to fit in with the rest of America.

  3. Don’t worry Les, I think you are just as much of an Evil Bastard as you are Stupid.

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