GOP fund-raiser who bashed Clinton as a “bad example” for children convicted of making child porn.

A prominent Republican fund-raiser who once said former President Bill Clinton was “a lawbreaker and a terrible example to our nation’s young people” pleaded guilty yesterday in Baltimore Circuit Court to production of child pornography.

Richard Anthony Delgaudio, who was sentenced to two years’ probation before judgment, admitted to taking lewd photographs of a 16-year-old girl he met in East Baltimore’s Patterson Park in 2001. In some of the photos, he was engaged in sex with her, court records show.

Delgaudio, who has no prior record, was arrested in November 2001 with a book of obscene photographs he had taken of 15- and 16-year-old girls, according to court documents. The teen-agers went with him on several occasions to a hotel on Pulaski Highway, where they had sex and he paid them to pose in erotic positions for his camera, records show. The girls told Delgaudio their ages, according to police.

In his pornography case, there was additional evidence that Delgaudio took erotic images of at least one other, younger teen-ager, but that evidence was not admissible in court because police improperly stopped and searched Delgaudio, a judge ruled.

Largely because of that, prosecutor Adam C. Rosenberg offered Delgaudio a plea agreement, rather than taking the case to a jury. — – Maryland News

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Hey, at least Monica was technically an adult. On reflection perhaps what Mr. Delgaudio meant when he said Clinton was “a lawbreaker and a terrible example to our nation’s young people” is that Clinton was going about it all wrong so he decided to teach the nation’s young people himself. After all the best way to educate is through hands-on instruction.

What stuns me is the fact that this dude only pulled down a two-year probation for this. You don’t suppose his status as a GOP fund-raiser had anything to do with their decision to plea-bargain with him, do you?

In yesterday’s ruling, Judge John M. Glynn ordered Delgaudio to stay away from Patterson Park and the neighboring Butchers Hill area. The judge also publicly acknowledged Delgaudio’s humiliation.

“Mr. Delgaudio has been very active in the state of Virginia and around the country. He was a respected member of the community,” Glynn said. “This type of thing is a mortifying experience.”

Oh yeah, I’m sure his being mortified will stop him from engaging in such activities in the future. Two years probation and public acknowledgment that he’s been mortified by the experience. Wow, with tough sentencing like that it’s amazing anyone risks being a child pornographer.

After the hearing, Delgaudio – who is also an author of political books – refused to comment about his case.

In a letter to the judge, Delgaudio’s attorneys – Bruce Fein and Howard L. Cardin – wrote that he was remorseful and did not know the girls were underage.

“He acknowledges the acute moral shortcomings of his conduct, and he will continue intense self-examination and professional and spiritual counseling,” the lawyers wrote in the letter, dated yesterday.

As part of his restitution to the community, his attorney said Delgaudio would contribute $5,000 to “young mothers who are in distress and in need.”

I feel so reassured. What he needs is a swift kick in the ass and a little jail time, but that would make fund-raising for the GOP much more difficult I’m sure. What a joke.

6 thoughts on “GOP fund-raiser who bashed Clinton as a “bad example” for children convicted of making child porn.

  1. So does the money he has already paid to underage girls go toward the $5000 that he is to give to “young Mothers who are in distress and need”? I hope they won

  2. Seems like too small a penalty to pay. Guess I’d be pretty much after that judge’s ass…wonder if he isn’t into the same sort of thing…

  3. This is so typical of the hypocrisy of politics—doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat or Republican, it seems, everyone has skeletons in their closets.

    Which totally stinks. I want a President I can believe in—is that asking too much?

  4. Talk about being soft on crime! The latest proof that a donation to a Republican campaign is always money well spent.  I got ten bucks that says Delgaudio is NOT going to have to register as a sex offender!

    Remember, folks: the G.O.P. will leave no child’s behind!

  5. I know Delgaudio personally (unfortuantely) and I can tell you that he was already universally hated by Republicans and Democrates alike.  He’s an a-hole and I hope he breaks his probation and gets to spend a dozen years in the poke.

    BTW he has a 14 year old daughter from his failed marriage.  I wonder what she thinks of him now.

  6. Degaudio, used the same basic defense as O’Jay, spend enough money. Walk out of court and go home instead of jail.

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