FOX News throughout history.

Several people have already pointed it out (Scott, Zuly), but just in case some of you rely on this site alone for all your information and witty commentary (seek counseling if true) I thought I should put up a link to What if FOX News were around during other historical events? Presented to you courtesy of the folks at My personal favorite entry is to the right. Click it for a better view.

4 thoughts on “FOX News throughout history.

  1. Yeah, the “apparent suicide” had me howling with laughter. It’s so dead-on.

    I also loved Geraldo giving away the plans regarding the Trojan Horse. smile

  2. My personal favorite was the crucifixion of Jesus with the banner line – Death ruled “carpentry accident”. Exactly the kind of reporting I would expect to find on Fox.

  3. Dooce report the weather and forget your dry humor.The weather Guy has played its course.

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