Fanboy Drool Alert: Matrix sequels on IMAX!

Remember a week or so ago when I warned you to put on your drool bibs before heading over to see the latest of the trailers for The Matrix Reloaded that had just hit the net? Well be sure to get out the industrial strength drool bib for this next bit o’news:

How do you make what is likely to be the biggest movie event of the year even bigger? You re-master it for release in IMAX theaters.

Although “The Matrix Reloaded” will open in Imax theaters two or three weeks after its general release May 15, “The Matrix Revolutions” will open Nov. 5 in both conventional and Imax cinemas, marking the first time that a live-action Hollywood film is released concurrently in both large- and standard-sized formats, known in the industry as a day-and-date release.

Gelfond said that “The Matrix” movies met all of the criteria for the first Imax DMR day-and-date release. “It’s a visual spectacle, it has the kind of soundtrack that will take advantage of our 12,000-watt sound system,” he told Dow Jones. “And most importantly, they’re really the franchise movies of the year. There wasn’t a better film than The Matrix, and in fact, we got a little lucky that there were two of them.”

He said Imax had been negotiating with Warner Bros. for the third installment only, but when certain executives saw the tests, they were so impressed by the ” visual splendor” that it turned into a two-picture deal.

Unlike the Imax DMR releases last year of “Apollo 13” and “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones,” “The Matrix” films won’t have to be shortened, as Imax reel units can now support film lengths of 150 minutes.

You know that sound Homer Simpson makes when he’s lusting after beer or donuts? Yeah, I’m making that sound right now.

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