Failed experiments in WYSIWYG editing.

I was playing around with integrating Interactive Tools’ HTMLArea into MovableType earlier today, but I’ve taken it back out. It seemed to be working pretty well overall, but then I tried to edit an entry that had a picture in it. I usually build these by using a custom table in the entry and HTMLArea proceeded to chomp on it pretty well when I re-saved the entry to the database.

Well, I can’t have that happening.

I mainly installed it to make life easier on Anne and my sister as they’re not as HTML savvy as I am. I’ll just have to teach them how to use w.bloggar instead I suppose. That’s not a perfect solution either as it doesn’t support MT’s extended entries yet nor multiple categories, but it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.

I guess I need to sit down and look at all of the currently available blogging tools to see if I can’t find something that is both powerful and relatively easy to use. Anyone out there got favorites they’d like to share?

2 thoughts on “Failed experiments in WYSIWYG editing.

  1. So if you weren’t using the custom tables would it of edited the entry ok? Still might be good for the ladies. You might want to look at one of the RSS readers. I’ve been testing newzcrawler and it makes reading blogs real easy and it also allows me to post to my blog without signing on to the site. It has a word like interface with buttons for font, size, bold, italic and a few other things. Havent tried to do a picture though so dont know how it handles that.

  2. I would imagine that it probably would’ve worked OK if I hadn’t had the funky custom table for the picture in it. I think I just managed to confuse it. I may put it back in if I can figure out how to implement it similarly to how I’ve seen some CMS systems, such as e107, implement it. In that system they have a bare bones text area edit window like in MT, but you can click a button that launches HTMLArea as a separate window with the contents of whatever was in the bare-bones text area field. When finished, it feeds it back to the basic window. If I can work that in then that would allow us a choice of when to use it so as not to mess up anything that would confuse HTMLArea.

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