Dixie Chicks reveal the naked truth.

Seems the Dixie Chicks are stirring up trouble again. This time with a saucy cover photo on today’s newly released Entertainment Weekly.

In the cover photo all three Chicks are wearing nothing but what they were born with and a random assortment of statements over the controversy they were at the center of printed on their bodies. Strategically placed hands and elbows keep the cover from being too revealing, but it’s still racy enough to ensure some headlines about stores refusing to carry that issue. No word on what the article itself will contain other than they’re standing up to their critics.

3 thoughts on “Dixie Chicks reveal the naked truth.

  1. It’s funny; just when I decide “OK, maybe I just was a little too sensitive about the infamous Natalie comment”, they salt the wound again.

    It’s not that I felt she was wrong to say it. She believes it, or at least she did three comments ago – she keeps wavering so that frankly I don’t really know/care WHAT she believes anymore.  The problem is that she was so totally stupid to say it in Britain. 

    Hello…….. Tony Blair is Bush’s best bud here lately … earth to Natalie.

    Anyway, maybe one day she’ll stop reminding us that they exist and we can rediscover their music again.  Then the other two Chicks can stop looking like they really just want to hide.


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