Bush may end up matching former Pres. Hoover for pure ability to destroy jobs.

Here’s a depressing thought from the folks over at The Slate: George Walker Hoover? – President Bush is on track to match Herbert Hoover’s record of job destruction. By Daniel Gross.

Now that the war with Iraq is over, President Bush is focusing on passing his proposed tax cut—optimistically dubbed the “Jobs and Growth Plan,” rather than the more accurate “Deficits and Deficits Plan.”

The Treasury Department is putting out word that accelerating the planned reduction of marginal tax rates, cutting taxes on dividends, and otherwise tinkering with the tax code will create more than 1 million jobs by the end of 2004. The Council of Economic Advisers is more sanguine, estimating the Bush plan will create 1.4 million new jobs by the end of 2004.

But 1.4 million jobs in 18 months isn’t many jobs, and it isn’t much growth. By historical standards, when it comes to job creation, Bush is shaping up to be more like Herbert Hoover than Ronald Reagan. He stands to preside over the first presidency since Hoover’s in which the American economy lost jobs.

I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how drastically cutting taxes while submitting all-time record breaking spending budgets makes any sense whatsoever. My co-worker, H, swears it’s possible, but I think his wife has been slipping him crack instead of his usual daily vitamin. The above news isn’t surprising, but it is depressing.

5 thoughts on “Bush may end up matching former Pres. Hoover for pure ability to destroy jobs.

  1. I have a theory about some things. Republicans are for small government, right? So they force the deficits, which means government needs to be trimmed back.

    What goes? Everything that they oppose, of course. Social programs, the works.

    The problem is, the deficits are beyond control.

  2. Remember, Bush is the guy who traded Sammy Sosa, who couldn’t find oil in Texas, and went to war, not to “make the world safe for Democracy,” but to make war safe from Democracy.

    Quote from a Spanish newspaper (rough translation): “We do not believe American polls are telling the truth [about the numbers favoring the war].  American people may be stupid but not that stupid.”  And Spain was supposed to be on our side.

    Paraphrase of a Randolph Bourne quote:  “They tell me our argument is with the [Iraqi] government not the [Iraqi] people, though it is the people I will be obliged to kill.”

  3. American people may be stupid but not that stupid.

    Apparently Spain doesn’t import any American television programming or they would know that Americans ARE that stupid. Next year we will get even dumber and damn it, isn’t that what generations have fought and died for?

  4. The problem I see is this. He’s a dummy
    that moves but someone else is making the noise and pulling the strings. When unguarded he can’t put a sentence together. He is really a simpleton. When left alone without an arranged
    script,its pure babbel.  How can thinking people,
    of any party, back this imitation of a president.

    It serves his party to control him,along with
    Papa Sheik ali Bush. He’s been sleeping with
    the arabs for over 30 yrs. They have a nest
    across the street from the Whitehouse.

    Not far ,to share defense secrets with,after all
    its family

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