Biblical Action Figures.

Oh, I have got to get me some of these.

I can just see the funny caption contests I could pull off with a complete set. Combine them with the Chemical Ali and G.W. Bush action figures and you’ve got yourself hours of fun!

Link found via Boing Boing which has a number of religion related links today from Web Zen in honor of Good Friday.

6 thoughts on “Biblical Action Figures.

  1. I want to know if Solomon comes with any accessories? Say perhaps a sword and a small baby that you can actually split in two? That’d be sweet.

  2. LOL – only christians would be sad enough to have adam and eve action figures clothed! make your misguided minds up ffs. (or re-interpret everything until you think it’s ok)

  3. Hey Check out “Jesus Christ Superstore”. They Kick every religions ass!! Christ with his ninja throwing nails!! I kid you not.

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