Been busy.

It’s amazing how much stuff you can pack into a single 4 day weekend if you don’t really think about it too much ahead of time. I actually spent less time on my PC than I expected to and that’s part of why I’ve not had much in the way new entries. Thursday evening after work was spent assembling the PC components for the friends of ours who asked me to build them a new PC. I got down there around 8PM or so and had it up and running and mostly patched by 12:30AM. Considering the components I had them buy weren’t as high-end as the ones I put into my own new PC as some of the money spent needed to go toward the shiny new 19” Samsung monitor they wanted, it was still a very capable game playing rig. They seem to be quite pleased with it and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’ve got pics of the assembly I’ll be posting sometime this week.

I did get some quality gaming in during the day on Friday and Monday when the ping times over WOW’s broadband are still decent as Anne was busy studying for her mid-term finals happening this week. I got some time in with Hairboy on Saturday evening after spending the first part of the day doing some chores while Anne was away studying. Sunday was Good-Excuse-For-A-Four-Day-Weekend-Etcetera and was spent at my parent’s place with family and friends. Monday was my second wedding anniversary, yep she’s actually put up with my sass for two whole years now, but we didn’t get a chance to do a lot because Anne had to study and then go take her Visual Basic mid-term.

I took the opportunity to make up for all the Sweetest Days(TM) and other such romantic days that I’ve managed to completely forget about and not get her anything on to go out and pick up a nice anniversary card and a small picture frame that has the word “together” etched into it with little stick-figures holding hands on it. Came home and printed up a pic from our wedding day of the two of us together and stuck that in the frame. Set the frame on her desk with the envelope with the card in front of it. This is quite the feat for me because I am very sentimental and can be turned into a total sap by the most pathetic attempts at emotional manipulation by Hollywood, but I’m not very good at being romantic.  I do try to listen and learn when my wife gives me advice on how to be more romantic, though, and I seem to be getting a little better as my little gift appears to have been a big hit with her.

Which is good as Anne’s final did not go well on Monday and she came home very upset with herself. My attempt at romance did help to cheer her up a bit, but then she felt a little bad for not getting me anything. I pointed out that there have been plenty of times she got me stuff when I had been a thick-headed lout and forgotten about it completely so she shouldn’t be too upset. Closer examination of her test results showed that she had made an error in filling out the scan-tron so perhaps they’d be willing to let her give it another go. Turns out the instructor noticed it as well and sent Anne an email in the morning offering to do that very thing. Still, Monday night was a bit rough around here.

Yesterday we did the stuff we didn’t get a chance to do on Monday. I took Anne out to dinner and, as there wasn’t much in the way of movies playing we wanted to see, we rented a couple of flicks from Blockbuster and went home. For reason’s I’m still not completely sure of seeing as Anne hates horror movies, she agreed to let me rent Darkness Falls and we spent the evening watching that. I’ll post a 30 second review a little later. Suffice it to say it freaked Anne out pretty good and I’m amazed she slept at all last night.

So there’s a quick catch up on what I’ve been up to instead of ranting here on SEB for all four of you who care. Regular rantings and ravings will commence shortly.

3 thoughts on “Been busy.

  1. I’ve not been ranting, myself. Heck, I’m not reading most political sites for the past week or so, and I think it’s because I was suffering from minor burnout again. I think I may be past that . . .

  2. Well, if I’m not one of the “four” smile you can make it five…I may not comment often, but I do read your posts as my time permits…hang in there dude…from a totally biased friend (and female) point of view, I’ve got the feeling that you’re doing a pretty good job with you spoose in the romance/emotional department.

  3. First, Les melted me with the card and sentimental gift of frame and picture.

    Second, we had agreed we didn’t have money for our anniversary this month, but were just going to spend a little to spend special time together (dinner and movie).  So I was super surprised that he had gotten me a gift and card. 

    I did feel bad that I hadn’t at least gotten a card for my most wonderful hubby, because I had thought about it off and on. But, allowed myself to become not merely preoccupied, but obessed with exams… most specifically Intro to Programming/Visual Basic Programming.  It’s my nemisis class. 

    Situtation:  screwed up score via misaligned scantron answer sheet … details on my site Anne’s ID & Ego (and no I don’t know how to add the link here, sorry guys).

    Third, I didn’t sleep well and today I had to turn on all the lights and open all the shades… I am freaked out because I can’t make my overactive imagination “shut the hell up!” I know it’s not real, but also know that people can hurt themselves.  People can “believe” themselves into making things happen… and that last thing I needed to do was fall in the shower and knock myself unconscious because I thougth I saw a shadow reach out to get me.

    I don’t do horror.. occasionally I’m tempted, because “I’m an adult now” and I want ot spend time with someone else who would enjoy the “horror” event.  I keep forgetting I’m not now, nor never will be grown up enough to handle the horror genre.  It may be I’m crazy.  It may be I’ve experience too much real horror in my life to stomach the imaginary type.  Don’t know… but I did learn a lesson, I think. 

    Sexy MONster is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m ever so happy he said “yes” the second time I proposed…

    Yes, it was the “second” time I proposed to him.  I propose twice, he didn’t give a definitive answer one way or the other the frist time.  His second answer was when he asked me a few days later, “So are we going to pick out your ring today?”  And off to JB Robinson’s we went, daughter and friend Bob in tow.

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