A couple of new MT blog tools.

I’ve talked about a couple of different off-line blog entry tools such as w.bloggar on here before and it looks like interest in such tools is really starting to grow. I’ve come across at least two more such tools that are specifically for MovableType blogs and are still in the early stages of development.

The first is called SharpMT by Randy of RandyRants.com and it is currently at version 1.04 beta. It’s written in C# and is already rapidly evolving having been released at version 1.01 beta on Sunday and already being at 1.04 as of yesterday. It requires that you have the Microsoft .NET framework installed on your system and some folks are having the common issues that come with a new project that is in the early stages. I’m not real thrilled with having to install the .Net stuff, but otherwise it looks very promising and Randy appears to be committed to giving it his all.

The other new tool I found in a round-about away thanks to Bill Zeller telling me about a Winamp plug-in (WMPamplog) he’s developed that works with the WMP9 blogging plug-in for those of us who use Winamp (natch). This other tool is another project by Bill and another fellow by the name of Adam Kalsey called Zempt which is currently sitting at version 0.2. The development of Zempt doesn’t appear to be as rapid as the last release was back on March 18th, but it also has a small development team and they’re already planning out roadmaps for what future version will bring. This tool also looks to hold a lot of promise. Thanks Bill for bringing both of your projects to my attention. I’d just like to add that I am totally envious of your obviously amazing website design skills as Minimal Verbosity has a wonderful layout.

So if you’re using MovableType and want some form of off-line entry editor that’s specific to MT you now have a couple of choices with bright futures ahead of them to look into. I’ve not had a chance to play with either one yet, but I hope to do so in the next couple of days.

7 thoughts on “A couple of new MT blog tools.

  1. Thanks for posting about the WinAmp plugin. I just can’t give up WinAmp 2 for Media Player, I love the plugins I’ve used for years too much to change now.

  2. Promo- Trust me, I know the feeling. I love Winamp 3 too much to give it up for WMP9 just to get the blogging plug-in. When I saw Bill’s blurb about his project in my post on WMP9 I thought it would be worth telling the world about.

    Bill- I’m happy to help promote your projects as I think they’re wonderful things that will be of use to a great many people. I look forward to seeing how Zempt evolves and I’m betting you’ll be adding the Blogging Plug-in support in a very near future version. grin

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