14-year-old boy marries 42-year-old woman.

In a move that is sure to fuel late-night talk show host’s monologues for weeks to come, the state of Alabama has allowed a 14-year-old boy to marry a 42-year-old woman. Interestingly enough this is entirely legal under Alabama law.

“It is unusual but it’s nobody’s business,” Daina said during a brief telephone interview. “It’s nobody’s business who I fell in love with.”

She said she feared that the information, once known, would jeopardize her job and possibly the custody arrangement of her children.

“We happen to be on the proper side of the law,” said I.V.‘s father. “It’s in the laws of five states. Why is it so wrong?”

It seems that at least two other states, Kansas and Texas, allow 14-year-olds to marry with just parental consent. The boy’s father feels his son is mature enough to make such a decision even at his young age and offers the following words of wisdom when asked if he thinks the marriage will last:

O’Rourke said he believes that Daina and I.V.‘s relationship will last.

If not, “Divorce is easy,” he said. “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.”

I would like to suggest a new slogan for Alabama license plates: It ain’t pedophilia if he/she is your spouse!

246 thoughts on “14-year-old boy marries 42-year-old woman.

  1. “Divorce is easy,” he said. “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.”

    That quote is a sign of the times, imho.

  2. Okay, I have had some of the most brain numbing conversations with people almost TWICE his age so she probably isn’t in it for the stimulating conversation and maybe my standards are too high, but awkward adolescent sexual fumblings…not sure where the appeal lies. Guess I will have to get back to you on that when I’m 42.

  3. That is the sickest thing that could ever happen. I wish the state would step in and get that boy out of there and get him into a foster home he does not deserve this he was not allowed to grow up before he made that decision how does he know he never lived life i am 23 and i would never marry anyone until i lived life he is screwed up and wont get to grow up.

  4. I am 14 and I would never do a thing like this, this is immoral and should not be legal the kid, his parents, and his 42 year old wife are crazy!!!

  5. i saw dis on Marury, damn if they love each other…..leave them alone! Are you people that bored that you have to talk about what someone else is doing? DAMN!!!!!!!

  6. This is disgusting. When I was 14, I hadn’t lived half my life. How are they going to support each other? he’s not old enough to have a decent job. meaning she’ll have to work… so what about if they have kids then? he’ll have to drop out of high school.this is sad. if they really are that crazy about each other. they should wait until he’s at least 18.

  7. This kid’s lucky.  He’ll be able to move straight out of his mom’s house and right into a surrogate mom’s house.  With any sort of luck, he’ll never have to grow up.

    I can just imagine the first argument—
    “What would you know about it, you’re just a child, a stupid little kid.”

    “Yeah!?!  Well you’re senile ya old bat! And you’re gonna be one hella wrinkly old bag by the time I hit thirty!”

    Alas, the course of true love never did run smooth.

  8. EWWWW!!!!
    what is wrong with these people!! he is 14!!
    Does no body understand how SICK that is!!! i am almost 14, and having and 42 year old husband would be like, totally GROSS!!!
    how can it not be illegal for the ‘child’ to marry a ‘woman’. this is totally wrong. how screwd must the parents be?? im apalled!!!

  9. Oh for godssakes…I can’t tell you how embarrassing this is. I live in AL. [sigh]

    But I’ve been embarrassed before. And I’m sure it won’t be the last time, either. (Ten Commandments anyone?) I guess Moses forgot to write down “thou shalt not marry CHILDREN, you pervey old broad.”

  10. You guys bash anti-gay movements so hard, and promote your “free choice” and “free thinking” mentalities. Then you get all mad at these two?

    personally I think this story is gross and immoral, and so are gay marriages!
    you guys boggle me.

  11. There’s a difference between two consenting adults of the same sex deciding they love each other and wanting to spend their lives together and a child and an adult doing the same. At the age of 14 this kid hasn’t even fully formed his sense of self or solidified his morals enough to be engaging in marriage. Still, there’s obviously nothing in the law in Alabama preventing it so from a legal standpoint there’s no problem. From an intelligence standpoint I think it’s pretty stupid.

    There is still a difference between the two situations.

  12. dude when i was fourteen i barely had a penis! i watched maury and i think it said they had sex! and didn’t she already have kids? i mean he has to think getting married is some kind of game. what a crazy ho! picking up dates at chucky cheeses. where did they go on thier honeymoon? oh i know the mcdonald’s play place! sick bitch…

  13. I wonder how many people would be sick if it was a fourteen year old girl marrying a 42 year old man instead. I frankly don’t understand why people aren’t upset about this as it is. It just comes off as some creepy old woman trying to get with a young boy, and he fell for it. I’m 18, and I just don’t see what she finds attractive in a scrawny, pubecent adolecent. I doubt there is much actual “love” involved in this in the first place.

  14. i personally dont like the idea that they are such a big differance in age. If he was 18 or over it would be completely differant.However i know what its like to love someone or at least think i love someone. I t is easy to do. They may love each other but they have hardly anything in common. A person,no matter how old, needs to be with someone who they have things in common with.Relationships never last without similarities. If he was 14 and she was no older than 18 it would be differant but i think this WOMAN is child molester and should be put in jail. As for them having sex together i hope it was after they were married and that is still sick. She is a mother to boys his own age , that is like having sex with your son…SICKNING!what in the world does your kis think lady?? I think that the age limit should be 15 or 16 and only with parental permission. I think that the law should forbid people to marry someone who is within 10 years of age for those who are 15 and 16. I think this law should make the couple get marriage counseling befoe marriage as well. As for the boys parents i am appalled and disgusted with your actions on letting him marry this incredibly older woman!! And to the couple i hope u all the best since u are already married and are “in love”.
    god bless

    and to all u couples in this situation make sure you know what you are doing before you do something you will probly regret

  15. LOL!  Talk about a MILF, eh?  ROFL!

    She may be stupid, sick, desparate, or whatever, but he’s made-out like a frikkin’ bandit! BWHAHAHAHAHA!

    …Well at least for now…until she gets really old…. :-I

  16. I see nothing wrong with it. If they are happy, then jackshit else matters.

    All you people saying its immoral need to grow the fuck up. Love is love, age is just a number that society imposes.

  17. Hmmm, at 14 I would have LOVED nailing an older woman (my best friends mother was an absolute BABE) but then I would have loved nailing a girl my own age or a warm apple pie. A woman of 42 has nothing in common with a boy of 14 unless he is her son or unless you want to point out that they are both mammals. Have you ever tried to have a long conversation with someone 28 years your junior? Listened to their favorite music? Tried to enjoy a movie they were interested in? I am 37, how would you feel if I was “in love with” your 14 year old daughter or sister and was shagging her stupid?

    It isn’t love when the only thing you have in common is the sex. I love sex too but not every woman I had sex with I loved (I just loved the sex). He gets sex, a woman with her own place, sex, a woman with her own car, sex, a woman that makes money and is willing to spend it on him, sex, someone who can buy him and his friends beer, and sex. What kid WOULDN’T love that? But besides the sex, what could she possibly see in this kid?

    Love may indeed be love, but this ain’t it.

  18. I think that is just wrong. they should find someone their own age and get on with their lives.Yuck! I would never date anyone or marry anyone that much older than me. If it was about his own age O-K but 14 and 42 that is just disgusting!

  19. DB, gay marriages are a totally different topic. If you think it’s gross, that’s your problem, it’s still love.

    As for this couple, I think what’s immoral depends on society, such as all of us. What if the legal age was 20? Then ppl would start saying, “they should at least wait until he’s 20.”

    Well, in Alabama, the legal age is 14. So I guess it’s ok. It might be puppy love, it might be real love. We all don’t know their real situation, so I can’t really judge anything.

    I agree that it seems wrong, but why don’t we all just concentrate on our own lives, rather than someone elses?

  20. I am 14 and times have changed people! Us kids, weither thru the media or whatever have become desensitised to sex etc. So we openly talk about it at school, and if we aren’t, chances are (us guys at least) we’re thinking about it. An older chick is kinda like a status thing. The older the better, ya know? As long as their not like someones grandma! This’ll just be something to talk and brag about at school. I doubt their in love, he just wants sex. As for her, well I guess she finds youth a turn on, just like we all have our different turn ons and offs. Anyway, kids are different nowadays and if this wasnt the world you grew up in, get used to it!

  21. Trust me, we were thinking and talking about sex at 14 just as much, if not more, than you kids are. That’s part of growing up and getting an active hormone system. The fact that this is a different time period doesn’t necessarily mean anything goes, however, and at the age of 14 you might know what you want, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re mature enough to handle it. In most cases your body isn’t anywhere near being finished with the development into it’s adult form and your mind certainly isn’t developed enough to rationally handle the responsibilities of being a husband.

    If the only reason you have for engaging in sex is a as status symbol then you seriously need to reconsider your priorities.

  22. You’re right, Les. But seeing this post reminded me…

    I just saw on one of Maury’s update shows (YEESSSS, I occasionally watch it [turns away in embarassment]) that they got divorced (or are getting one, I’m not quite sure).  Apparently, the kid got tired of his “status”, as quite OBVIOUSLY, marrying FORTY YEAR OLD WOMAN serves as a NEGATIVE STATUS.  Or, at least in most SANE thought processes.

    And Brandisnapnz?  Dude, why are you even bothering with a liberal political blog site when you’re THAT dependent on status?  And do YOU want to surpass marrying a 40 year old woman by marrying one even OLDER?  I don’t have anything against older women, but MAN, that’s just gross…



  23. That’s a good point JoshMan3D, I wouldn’t want to marry a 40 something year old! I don’t know what a liberal political blog site is but I never said I was dependent on status. I like to think that I’m above being worried about about status etc, after all I’m almost 15. I didnt expect their marriage to last, he must of realised what he did, i mean really, what he DID and realised that that is so not cool. 30 somthings OK, but I said nobodies grandma!

    Les, thats just how it is, SEX IS COOL in our world and our priorities r probably all out of whack to yours, but thats whats most important, being COOL. Coolness and popularity come before anything else in middle school. Since SEX IS COOL, it comes before anything else.

  24. k dudes thats juss gross im 14 and to hav a 42 year old husband would deffinitely be sum natsy sh*t!!! thats like marrying my dad!!!!! *barfs*

  25. “Coolness and popularity come before anything else in middle school. Since SEX IS COOL, it comes before anything else.”

    I gotta tell you, brandisnapnz, that it doesn’t seem to stop being the case long after middle school and often times I bet, after middle life.  American society is especially adept at embracing shallow values.
    Forget the speed of light – fashion and trends travel faster. 

    Sex, on the other hand, at least has an excuse: it’s glandular and intrinsically self-pleasing and a great way to show someone they rock.

  26. its not bad. if you find experienced woman then you will enjoy your life. and you will enjoy your life its not crazy step its a good step for any young boy. if i will find such a nice and aged woman then i will take a step to marry her so happily.

  27. i see nothin wrong with this if they love each other thatn they love each other let the couple be you cant come between love so anyone who was against our oppinion is just jealous so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Oh yeah, I’m real jealous. Wow, the level of discourse on this thread just keeps dropping like a boat anchor. I’m surprised some of these people have enough brains to remember to breath.

  29. I think that they are dum. who parents in the rigth mind would let there kid marry a 42 year old women i dont care if they state allowed it i would not let my son marry someone that old.

  30. There has to be some sort of motive whether it’s publicity, she’s paying his parents, or the boy’s parents are using the woman for money…something’s being done that’s not exactly right…….and if they are in love and everything they should be in a psychiatric ward!

  31. Hey,i find nothing wrong with it, some people are much deeper in heart and soal, and these people are prolly soal mates. They arnt worried about what type of music the other person likes or how old the person is, they look on the inside and thats all that counts. If it was WRONG to marry someone older or younger then you, then it would be in the bible. But if they are just married for sex and stuff then yes it is wrong, but if your in love then you wouldnt be fucking, you would be trying to be as close to the person as you can, and making love to that person is the most beautiful thing. I’m 17 years old and my bf is 55, hes blind and hes not good looking at all, but to me, wow! Hes the most adorable man on this earth, and i love him very much, so i just hope you 2 the best. God Bless you.

  32. Hey Jennifer.. aint that illegal for you to be having sex with a 55 year old man when your only 17?

  33. Its sick. im 14 and i do not find 42 year old guys attractive. im in love with my best frind thats why (she is girl and so am i). there is nothing wrong with gay marriges, if your in love, your in lvoe. But 14 and 42 thats disgusting i mean when hes bad does she spank him? ewww

  34. Hey Jennifer, you’re on drugs or something. Get off this wicked page you freak.

  35. If it was WRONG to marry someone older or younger then you, then it would be in the bible.

    Of course, everyone knows that!

    Excuse me while my head implodes and I walk away, a sultana-headed person.

  36. “If it was WRONG to marry someone older or younger then you, then it would be in the bible.”

    Good lord, the integrity of this topic continues to fall. 

    Ok, bottom line is the woman is a pedophile.  I dont care if they are “soul mates” or “In love”.  I find it hard to believe that a 14 year old boy would be mature enough mentally to fully understand the concept of love or what it truly feels like to be in love.  Hell, im 17 and I dont know yet.  14 year old boys are horney as hell, even if they fully dont understand the full parameters of sex.

    When I was 14, I was looking at porn and such and exploring my own personal sexuality.  Everyone does.  I think the boy was in it for the sex and the woman has a sick attraction to small children and managed to avoid a jail sentence by convincing stupid parents they were in love. 

    My question is…how dumb exactly were the parents?  I mean, I have would have moral conflicts if I asked out a freshman, and were only 3 years apart.  A few years makes a monumental age diffrence. 

    If they were indeed in love, the woman would have been willing to wait 4 years for him to be eighteen.  But no, she practically assulted a small child rather than wait, thats not love, thats sickening lust.

  37. this is abosolutly absurd, an act that could be termed as a phsycological derailment.it has never been heard nor happened ( i strongly believe that) and if it has, then it is aboslutly out of the “plane earth”. are his parents aware?? not at all i guess. this is completly out of the phenomenon” its a free world, all human should be liberal in there actions” this just abnormal!!!!!!!!!

  38. his parents, the 42 year old wife, should all be arrested damn!!!! child MOLESTATION,and child ABUSE should be the charge. what a sick world!!! SOMBODY RESCUE THIS CHILD PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. By what standard are you folks calling this wrong? I mean, only a few hundred years ago, 13 was a perfectly acceptable marriage age.

    Just this weekend I was (half-seriously) proposing returning to that concept: It’d pretty much end the worry some folks have over pre-marital sex, and it seems that arranged marriages worked out more often than letting folks make their own choice like we do today.

    But if you are going to allow unions between homosexuals, why not a 14 and a 42 year old? What is the standard or moral you’re basing your disgusted outrage on?

  40. well we are talking about Alabama here.
    The same state where just 79 years ago we had the Scopes Trial, the same State where even today in the same county as the scopes trial have just made it “Illegal” to be Gay.
    Ignorance breeds ignorance.


    I agree with David in that just 100 years ago, not several hundred it was perfectly acceptable to be married between 13-16.
    Biologically you are in fact ready to mate as early as 14, so I personally don’t see anything overtly disgusting, its none of MY business whatsoever, actually I would say this 14 year old well get a good education from it in more ways that one.

  41. David-Nunya:
    Perhaps marriage at 14 was commonplace 100 years ago buy it wasn’t usually 14-16 year olds marrying. It was young women often being married to older men. Remember, women didn’t get the vote until 1920 and didn’t have much power. Read your history. These marriages were often HELL! This is why laws were enacted – to protect women from terrible marriages with rigid gender roles and little or no ability to work, own property, get an education, get divorced and retain custody of their children, etc. Most often the marriages were young girls marrying older men – not some other romantic notion. Sometimes they were both young – often in order to cement property/inheritance. Not always, though. Sometimes it was just plain old poor folks marrying to get out of their crowded homes and take the burden of feeding them off their parents. Let’s not look back on this time “fondly” as if they were the “good old days.” It was duty and burden, not love and romance, for most people. For heaven’s sakes people – what planet are you on? This is child abuse. This is a 14 year old child! Yikes! Change the law and get these people some psychiastric help!

  42. This is just too sickening for words…..if this woman were a man and the kid was a 14-year-old girl, they’d call him a pedophile!!!  14 year olds barely even know what to do with boyfriends and girlfriends, let alone spouses!!  If this kid and his parents are too dumb to figure out that this woman is either clearly taking advantage of them (think about it, why the hell would a woman in her 40’s seriously want to marry a child?)or that she is so desperate that she cannot find anyone her own age, I’d say that they all deserve each other.  To top it all off, I her kid is her “husband’s” BEST FRIEND!!!!!  How disturbing is that?

  43. Ugh, David, really.  Do you remember when YOU were 13?  Maybe you were 13 a “few centuries” ago, I don’t know.  But in my little world, 13 = child.  If you think that arranged marriages at an early age will curtail ‘pre-marital’ sex, well, yeah, you’re right. Because at that age, all other sex is going to be extra-marital.  Nice semantic difference. And if our fundie Islamic friends have anything to show us, it’s that girls are the ones who bear the brunt for this kind of thinking. But girls aren’t supposed to even LIKE sex, right?
    As for comparing consenting gay adults with pedophiliac 40 year olds… Really, how many times do you have to hear that argument?  Your post just strikes me as morally dishonest on too many levels to count.  Fer shame, already.

  44. You’re right, was tired as hell last night glazed right on by Alabama don’t = Tennessee, even though I listed the site and article that clearly states the state & county DOH.

    Alabanesse I guess I was thinking.

  45. Check your history, ohmygoodness. Most arranged marraiges were between people of roughly the same age. Anyway, I was refering to hebrew custom. Who are you to decide whether they were happy or oppressed? I think your view that happiness comes from personal freedom would have not gone over well with the people of that time. It doesn’t even fly all that well with everyone of this time. It has been awhile since I was 13, it’s true, and one thing I have learned is that obediance and trust produce a lot more happiness in my life than personal freedoms.

    Also, in the day we are talking about, 13 was a man (or woman), not a child. If anything, we have done ourselves a disservice in allowing people to think of themselves as children into their 30s.

    Also your point about the semantics of pre-marital vs. child molestation is an excellent one. Generally speaking, the references in the Bible to the evils of pre-marital sex are about child abuse. There are only one or two of references that could be interpreted as strictly pre-marital.

    Now, remember, I said I was only half serious. But there is some validity to the idea. But you still have side stepped my question: What idea of right and wrong are you basing your disgust on?

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