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WASHINGTON (CNN)—The restaurant menus in the three House office buildings will change the name of “french fries” to “freedom fries,” a culinary rebuke of France, stemming from anger over the country’s refusal to support the U.S. position on Iraq.

The name changes were spearheaded by two Republican lawmakers who plan to hold a news conference later Tuesday to make the name change official on the menus.

Oh yeah, that’ll show those nasty French people! I bet their shorts are really frosted now! I bet they can’t stand the idea that we’re calling them “freedom” fries and are just boiling over with resentment about it. Don’t just stop there, we need to change all our “French” references so they’ll REALLY be pissed. So what should we call “French kissing” now?

Great. Bunch of freakin’ kids running the nation’s capitol. I feel so much better about us going to war now.

15 thoughts on “YOU BIG (French) MEANIES!

  1. Maybe they better change the German Chocolate cake to Bomb Saddam Choco-tastic Ameriffic cake. Only a terrorist wouldn’t eat that! And those Freedom fries are sure to send that nasty artery clogging fat the French so love a-runnin!

    So what are they going to say at that press conference? Uh, we’re dumb. Is this what we elect those ass wipes to do?

  2. French fries, freedom fries, chips, who cares.

    They’re catsup delivery mechanisms. And they taste pretty darn good with ranch dressing, too.

  3. Go the Aussie way and call French kissing “pashing” – its cultured and refined and you’ll never look back, I promise.

  4. It certainly goes a long way toward showing the ignorance of the average American congressman. Neither french fries nor french toast were named for any reason dealing with the French. Fries are a Belgian creation and the toast variant is an American creation. Why the French should care what we call them is beyond me and why the congressmen involved felt this required a press conference is also beyond my comprehension. Buncha friggin’ idiots.

    I like your suggestion Caz, if for no other reason than it’ll confuse the hell out of everyone I mention it to.

  5. I assume the english term French Letter means something to our cousins across the pond (or in my case, as I am in Hong Kong), the Pacific…?

  6. I had the impression the French word for “french letter” had something to do with the English, but the actual name is not springing to mind.

  7. …this is ridiculous. You would think that after having changed the names of everything from food to dogs during WWII Americans would have learned that the people we’re trying to get to don’t really care what we name things. To rename french fries to freedom fries is as childish as one little kid calling another kid a name. You would think as adults our elected representatives would have evolved beyond this kind of childish name-calling.

  8. You would think that, but it appears we would be wrong. I’m no fan of the French, but this is just stupid. I still can’t get over the fact that the senators involved thought this was important enough to hold a press conference and act all smug about. As if they had just accomplished some great feat worthy of praise and admiration instead of scorn and embarrassment for acting like little kids.

  9. You know, that really gets my goat, because its such a half-hearted effort. I checked the Oxford English online dictionary and found a whole array of words with reference to the French. There must be at least 40. The thing is, I think the U.S. government ought to hire a lexographer to get busy thinking up alternatives to French dressing or french fare (a word for “elaborately polite behavior”). Or maybe we just ought to redefine those words: French fare could be redefined as “elaborately impolite behavior”. How dare Chirac actually represent his voters (when American interests are at stake)? What the heck would we do if England or Spain showed the same audacity? Were those and the leaders of other European democracies actually to represent the interests of their voters, we’d have to replace entire dictionaries. But God is good (or maybe I should refraign from saying it like that). In any case, there are enough world leaders who are willing to turn their backs on their voters so that we needn’t get rid of English setter or English horn. But maybe we should think about changing the definitions of some existant words to reflect the present geopolitical situation. What about changing Spanish fly to maybe French fly? Oh no, that does sound too much like French fry, doesn’t it?

  10. “French Letter” is British slang for “condom”. I laughed at this – and then felt extremely scared that two, apparently educated, people could be this ignorant. So much for the saying; “two heads are better than one”!
    The French will be ending themselves with laughter at this blatant show of ignorance.


  11. I wish these high-powered types would leave the French alone, after all – the French do a good enough job of making themselves look like dicks – this kind of shit only makes them look better!

  12. I’m french and i would like to say only ONE thing: you (americans) say that you have saved french people during the world war 2 (and i would like to thank all american people for that! a thousand thanks!) but haven’t we helped you before that??
    In the 18th century more exactly during your independence war?
    Whose people were helping americans to win their independence?
    French people! That’s why some guys are saying that French are the oldest friends of American people..
    Yes, im proud to say that I am french and that I love America and its inhabitants…
    Is it so unbelievable that a french guy could like you and your country?
    So why not the same from you?
    Why are you all (americans and english people) so angry against french people?
    Because of our president(chirac) and other dirigeants of France?
    If the french president take a decision about something, it doesn’t mean that french people agree with him…
    I know that we have a “poor” president (to be polite! lol) but don’t judge french people because some of their dirigeants are stupid,ok?

    I hope that you will understand..

    And…. Que Dieu bénisse l’Amérique!
    (God bless America!)
    Don’t forget! French people are your friends and you are ours!

  13. Hello Maxime,

    Here is one American who isn’t at all angry at the French.  Sure, I’ve encountered a few snooty people, but mostly in Paris, and the people in other parts of the country are very nice.

    The problem is, those of us who have actually learned French and/or been to France are drowned out here by the sounds of the “red states” calling us elitist.  So you can’t really hear us for the howling of the bourgeoisie. grin

    I know that we have a “poor

  14. Bonjour GeekMom! grin

    I just want to say one more thing to american people that would like to make a travel in France…
    Don’t visit only Paris…
    Sure Paris is a great town but that isn’t there that you’ll find nice and very kind french people…
    if you wanna meet some kind frenchies (lol) you should go in smaller towns than Paris…
    Because Paris is the town of the bourgeoisie and the rich people…

    Au revoir! (Good bye!) wink

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