Would you like Wireless Internet with that?

Talk about unlikely bed mates. Intel and McDonalds are teaming up to promote Wi-Fi Internet access according to Yahoo! News – Intel and McDonald’s Hook Up to Push Wi-Fi:

Intel Corp., the world’s biggest computer-chip maker, and McDonald’s Corp., the world’s biggest restaurant chain, are teaming up to market wireless connectivity to the Internet in some McDonald’s restaurants, the companies said on Tuesday.

The effort, starting with 10 McDonald’s restaurants in Manhattan, is part of Intel’s $300 million campaign to launch its Centrino line of products, designed for laptop computing and high-speed wireless access to the Internet.

As part of the program, for the next three months, McDonald’s will give customers an hour of wireless Internet access in its restaurants with the purchase of a combination meal.

After that customers will have the option of paying $3 for another hour online or buying another meal.

It is all the rage in trendy coffee shops so I suppose I can see why McDonalds would want to get in on it. Especially if they have one of those indoor play centers that so many of them have anymore. The kids get to run and play while Mom or Dad sit with their laptop and look at pornfinancial news sites.

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