Woman robs home, can’t find get-away car, calls police for help.

Oh now this is just too good to be true.

Apparently this woman had called police over the weekend to report that her car with her three month old baby inside had been stolen while she was in a store. A quick search and they find the kid, unharmed, a short while later.

Turns out the woman was actually robbing a nearby home and had parked some distance away, but couldn’t recall exactly where when she came out of the house. So she did what all criminals do when they need to make a quick get-away and can’t find their cars. She called 911 and made up a story. In a twist that the pagans will love, karma came back to bite her in the ass:

An additional bizarre twist to the story, while Kelly was allegedly burglarizing the Glenville home, her wallet was stolen from her unlocked car.

Wonder Ditz is up for filing a false report, child endangerment, and possible burglary charges. Story found via Fark.com.

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