We’re #1 for something at least!

Just noticed from recent referrers that Stupid Evil Bastard is currently the number one result returned when searching Google for the camel toe song.

The odd part is the website that owns and hosts the song itself is ranked at number 6. So if you came here looking for it, click that previous link and you’ll get to it.

Update: We’re also number 7 for Dixie Chicks Backlash. Amazing considering it’s the first time I’ve ever mentioned them. Plus we’re number 10 on an AOL Search for “Magic Wands.” Which is probably for the best when you realize the first 9 results are mainly sites selling supposedly real magic wands.

Another Update: I was wondering why the couple of entries I did on Michael Moore seemed to be generating so many comments lately so I checked and it turns out we’re number 6 when searching for “Michael Moore Speech 2003” and number 11 if you remove the 2003 bit and numbers 2, 4 and 5 if you change it to “Michael Moore Speaks.” Can’t imagine why, but some people are awfully interested in what he has to say it seems.

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