Waltzing through a dream-state.

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you’re in the world, but not a part of the world? You see events going on around you and feel like you should be doing something about it, but what you should be doing is beyond your mind’s ability to fathom.

Yeah, I’ve been feeling like that quite a bit lately.

I don’t know if it’s just pre-spring moodiness or the fact that I’m getting older and more and more mellow or just my way of reacting to all of the supposed fear and stress that the current national situation finds us in. I check in on some of my fellow bloggers and they all have interesting things they’re talking about or funny bits of humor or what have you and they have just tons of things to talk about. Me, I’m having a hard time coming up with new things to say.

I’m not keen on the idea that we’re on the brink of war, but I’ve more or less resolved myself to the idea that it’s going to happen regardless and there’s not much that can be done to stop it because we have an idiot running the White House. I don’t even have the energy to be furious about it anymore. All I can manage is the hope that it doesn’t end up making things even worse than they already are despite the fact that everything I see and read points to that very outcome.

There’s been one or two church and state issues that I felt were important enough to speak up on, but I’m having a hard time getting riled up about that these days too. When presented with facts from new Harris and Gallup polls indicating that more people in America believe in the Devil (68%), the existence of ghosts (51%) and Creationism (48%)  than in Evolution (28%) I resign myself to the fact that my fellow countrymen seem more interested in living in a fantasy world than anything bearing a resemblance to reality. In other words, I realize that my oft-stated opinion that most Americans are complete idiots is more than just my being a loud mouth, but is backed up by recent polling data. It certainly explains how someone like George W. Bush could end up in the White House. Idiot in Chief leading a nation of idiots. I love my country, but I fear for its future in the hands of people who are not only ignorant, but have a strong desire to maintain their ignorant viewpoints regardless of the harm it may inflict.

It’s a depressing thought to realize that not only do most Americans not have a clue what the “scientific method” is, but are often outright hostile to the idea of using it as a means of analyzing and understanding the world around us. Critical thinking skills aren’t just not being taught, but those of us who practice them are often attacked for being such negative thinkers. “Skeptic” is a four letter word for much of America and admitting to being one is as good as admitting to being a child molester with some folks. No wonder the Nigerian scam works so well on this bunch of sheep.

Thinking means taking responsibility for your actions and that’s just plain un-American. As long as you’re a total dumbass you stand a good chance of suing the fast food chains for making you into a fat bastard with the argument that you were too fucking stupid to know that Big Macs are bad for your health if you eat little else for years on end. The lawyers sure as hell don’t want you to start using your brain or all of those type of lawsuits would dry up and they might have to do real work for a change. The marketing people don’t want you to use your brain either or you might stop buying those stupid belts that use electrical shocks to supposedly make you lose weight or buying all of those “healing magnet” products that don’t do a damned thing for you. Let’s face it, a good number of American businesses rely on most Americans continuing to be the total idiots they are so they don’t want to encourage you to think. Neither do the politicians or else you might stop electing them.

So I’m left sitting here wondering what the hell I can talk about that’ll give me some sense of not just whistling in the wind. Hence my recent comments on my new PC. Most of you couldn’t give a shit about my new toy, but it’s not like anything else I might talk about will do any good for the vast majority of Americans because most of you don’t want to hear it anyway. I’ve noticed that the my site’s slogan should be changed to the phrase I use most often on here and that would be: “What the fuck is wrong with you people?” Which leaves me with little else to say as that pretty much sums it up for a lot of folks.

Eh… don’t mind me… I’m just in a pissy mood for some reason and I’m rambling without making a lot of sense.

12 thoughts on “Waltzing through a dream-state.

  1. I’ll have another round of pissy with a despondent chaser, please.

    I’m having a hard time talking about things, as well. It seems that most blogs I read, whether they’re pro- or anti-war, have become reactionary insult generators. So many people are angry, and looking for convenient targets. They’re eviscerating the “other faction” for being a bunch of losers with inbred ancestors and questionable sexual practices involving animals.

    I’m registered to vote. And come the next election, unless the Dems put up a candidate who is so utterly reprehensible that I’m physically sickened (or someone else rabidly pro-war), I’ll vote for them. That, writing my congresspeople, trying to stay calm, and trying to be a human of a good heart are about all I can do. About all any of us can do.

    Hang in there, Les.

  2. I agree. I have resigned myself to letting go of reading war blogs, because those of us who dare to question authority are being really maligned.

    The more I read about what the IIC (Idiot In Charge) is doing, what kind of people he is putting in charge, the more depressed I get).

    So, I am veering away from that.

    I hope you don’t stop talking, the truth is refreshing. Besides, you’re the Stupid Evil Bastard, you get to say whatever you want.

  3. Knowing myself the way that I do (I’m a close personal friend of myself) I’d imagine it’d be difficult to ever get me to completely shut up. I was just getting a bit of futility overload lately. I don’t know how much of the truth I really speak, but it certainly represents how I view the world so I suppose it’s the “truth” as far as I can see it. I’m sometimes accused of being arrogant and thinking I have all the answers, but I honestly don’t think I have all the answers. There are just some answers that seem blindingly obvious to me.

  4. My war theory is like yours, so I keep peddling along and waiting.  I’m still amazed that people come to see me at my site!  But I enjoy coming to yours because I get to see how your doing and what’s on your mind.  Not to mention it’s good for a laugh when I need one!

  5. I’m speechless with the antics of George W Bush. I thought only backward nations like ol’ Communist Russia had the incredibly stupid, incompetent type of leadership that ol’ “bomb-‘em-all Bush” seems to display.
    Judging by his command of the English language, maybe the cretin bastard IS a Russian infiltrate, after all!.

  6. I forgot to add: To all the morons who voted for this Texan ass-wipe..

  7. I forgot to add: To all the morons who voted for this Texan ass-wipe..

  8. Dear G.W;

    Ok, OK already. You can have a 97% cut in the profits of Middle Eastern oil…just call off the bombers, will ya?.
    Best regards to your Dad.

    PS: I haven’t been receiving my Afgan war pension checks, does this mean I’m off the CIA’s payroll?. Just asking

  9. How much longer must we watch fuel and gasoline prices climb because of “the soon to be fought war”. 
    How much more bullshit, scare stories, and get ready people must we hear because “the STBF war.  I’m 68 and my chain has been too many times not to recognize “I’m going to get you if I ever undig the heels of my shoes and take a step forward” Hell no I don’t want a war. Anyone with the brains God gave a fencepost doesn’t want to see people lose their life.  But I also don’t want the afore mention crap   coming down either.  As my Daddy used To say Shit or get off the pot!!!

  10. In a recent poll taken over who would make a better president, a box of lime flavored tic-tacs beat out our residing (read: residing as in just barely staying president because he’s gonna get us all blown up and be the president of fuck-all) president, George W. Bush by a 70/30% victory, with 17575 more votes than him. I daresay that unless anyone brings a above-average candidate to the next election, tic-tacs will be the winner by write-in.  It isn’t enough that he has to make himself “feel like a real man” by bombing the shit out of people, but he acts all cowboy about it.  A real cowboy would kick Bush’s ass outta office and run this country right.  Then we would have a pirate V.P., and a ninja treasurer.  Things would get done like that *snaps fingers*.  No more communists trying to invade our country. North Korea (the REAL problem, you idoit Bush!) would be taken care of before they fucked us in the ass while we were looking in the wrong direction.  Jesus, the next thing Bush is gonna do is open up ANWR. Not stopping there, of course, the great plains will be drilled for oil and the national symbol will become a bull with a cowboy hat and a pistol in its hand…hoof…thing.  Woo… kinda was more of a rant there than anthing else… im gonna leave now… 
    the poll was taken from -http://maddox.xmission.com/tictacs.html

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