Traffic spike!

Sheesh! One little entry on Michael Moore and one Oscar telecast later and my traffic goes through the roof. I believe that entry sets a new record for number of comments to date though the Dixie Chicks entry is a close second and also contains the longest comment someone has made so far.

Lost my cool in the comments to my entry on Agron Seiko, the man who drove his police car into Bill’s Jetta. That entry is probably third for most number of comments now. Lastly, a lot of people have been coming to the site to see the reprinting of the “Can’t Find Osama” song I put up.

Amazing how just 48 hours can make for a huge increase in both people commenting and just traffic in general.

8 thoughts on “Traffic spike!

  1. i watched the oscars and he didn’t say anything bad at all, he was just loud because people in the audience disagreed with him and booed.
    oh shit, does my saying that make me anti-american? what fucking ever…lol

  2. Yep Kat, you’ll have to join the rest of us free-thinkers over here on the un-American bench.

    Scott, you don’t know the half of it. Take a look at the extreme tracker I have on here and check out the jump in hits yesterday. From 455 unique Sunday to 1067 on Monday. Damn.

  3. I don’t know. Isn’t part of our duty as Americans to take part in the events of our country, whether that be by paying our taxes, voting, stating opposition to things we don’t like, asking questions, and so forth? Or am I just being hopelessly silly? (Move over and give me some room on that bench.)

    When I first wanted to move to Canada, I wanted to go to a specific, rain-forest-y part of the country. It’s beautiful. It’s lush. It’s green. It’s on the west coast. It’s near two major metro areas – three if you count the nearest American city of size. I wanted to become a Canadian citizen because I wanted the right to vote in Canadian elections. I thought that if I lived in a place, I should exercise all the rights and responsibilities of a resident of that place. I got this whole crazy idea from…being raised American.

    Whodathunk. Eh?

  4. Now that this un-American group has come to order might I suggest we subversively think for ourselves and maybe read a book this weekend?

  5. And a banned book at that ;->

    I’m un-American (as defined by Bush, Rumsfeld, et al.) Does this mean I don’t have to foot the bill for this latest war? That I can mark my taxes “Payable to schools, emergency disaster recovery agencies, and social programs only” and have it stick?

    $78 billion dollars for six months of war on Iraq. And who wants to bet that, according to the Bush administration, our “goals” won’t have been reached yet? At least humanitarian aid is factored into that figure. Everyone volunteer at your local school and library – ‘cause they’re going to feel the budget shortfalls.

  6. Geez. I wrote a honkin’ big paragraph on the Dixie Chicks, and even linked to the support petition, and I don’t think I’ve received a single Google hit or comment.

    You’re just better connected than me, Les. grin

  7. That’s a great idea. After all, if you allow people to choose where there tax money goes, it means I can contribute towards things I happen to like, and you can contribute towards things you like, and If we decide that we don’t support any government programs, we can just not send money. I think Politicians should instate this immediately. They aren’t going to, but I can support it anyway.

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