This is why I will be forever faithful to “Da Goddess.”

Words that we all could learn a little by: DaGoddess: A Red Wheel Barrow.

I’ve dated a few nurses in my time and have been friends with more than a few. My respect for the profession is on the same level as my respect for teachers. Both groups are under-appreciated, under-paid and over-worked. They don’t do their jobs because of the fame, wealth or glory for there isn’t any. Both are jobs I couldn’t do for very long myself. I’m not the right kind of person for it. Thankfully there are people like Joanie in the world who can. Her message in that entry is an important reminder that we are all human beings with many of the same wants, needs, desires, hopes and dreams.

2 thoughts on “This is why I will be forever faithful to “Da Goddess.”

  1. Damn. You made me cry all over again, Les.

    Thank you so much for understanding. And, thanks just for being you.


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