The Shrub gives Saddam 48 hours to git outta Dodge.

WASHINGTON, March 17— President Bush threw down a gauntlet Monday night to Saddam Hussein, giving him and his sons 48 hours to flee Iraq or face a massive U.S.-led invasion.

Bush addressed the nation from the White House to lay out the challenge to Saddam, who has vowed not to leave, and explain why he was intent on a military solution after the United States, Britain and Spain abandoned their efforts to win U.N. support for war.

Bush claimed full authority under previous resolutions to force Saddam and his sons to leave and go into exile. He gave them 48 hours.

“This is not a question of authority,” he said. “It is a question of will. … The tyrant will soon be gone.”

The president added: “Liberation is near.”

I honestly hope Saddam will pack up and go, but I seriously doubt it because he’s got to be aware that this will go a long way toward fanning the flames already burning hot among the Islamic radicals who will use this as another rallying cry for action against America. Speaking of which, the Homeland Security Department has once again raised the terror threat assessment to orange.Ӕ

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! If you didn’t have a good excuse to get drunk before you sure as hell have one now!

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