The officer who killed my friend Bill is arraigned on manslaughter charges.

A press conference was held today announcing that Agron Seiko, the asshattraffic enforcement officer who got involved in a police pursuit and ended up killing my long time friend Bill Owen, has been charged with manslaughter:

As a traffic enforcement officer, Seiko had no police powers and was not to be involved in police enforcement activities, Duggan said.

“Mr. Seiko was not a sworn officer, he was a traffic ordinance officer,” Duggan said. “His job was to write tickets and impound vehicles.”

If convicted, Seiko faces up to 15 years in prison.

Assuming the trial doesn’t drag on for months on end and that he ends up being convicted with a maximum sentence then he’d be right about the age I am now when he gets out. Right about the age of the guy he killed for that matter.

I have seriously mixed feelings about all this at this point. Part of me is quite pleased with this announcement and hopes he ends up getting the full 15 years. Part of me wonders if it’ll make any difference if he gets 15 years or 5 years or any time at all. Sure, it gets him off the street for awhile, but it doesn’t bring Bill back and prison isn’t known for actually rehabilitating anyone. It’s doubtful he’ll come out any wiser than he did when he went in, especially if the sentence is light. It won’t begin to make up for the loss he has caused so many people.

The real hope you have is that his conviction would work as an example to others about why they need to think before they act, but that won’t happen either. I thought about that this morning as I drove to work in some of the thickest fog I can recall and watched as vehicles doing at least 20MPH over the limit weaved through traffic as if on their way to a police chase themselves despite the fact that visibility wasn’t even a quarter mile or so.

I wasn’t even on the freeway. This was surface streets with a max speed limit of 40 MPH on a school morning.

What if a bunch of kids were crossing the street at that red light I saw that SUV blow through because he didn’t see it changing in time? What if someone else’s best friend, son, father, brother were in the process of making a left turn in that fog while these people were zooming along as if they owned the road?

How many more Agron Seiko’s do we need to experience before people start using the gray matter between their ears when driving? Regardless of whether Seiko learns anything from the experience he’s about to go through it seems no one else is bothering to pick up on the lesson.

No matter how late you may be for work nothing is so important that you have to risk your lives and the lives of everyone else on the road by driving 10MPH or faster over the limit.

17 thoughts on “The officer who killed my friend Bill is arraigned on manslaughter charges.

  1. I’m praying for the max, but you know the courts.  I’m also praying for a huge roommate named Bubba with an even bigger dick, that is in jail for failure to pay parking tickets with a huge sex drive.  That sounds funny, but it’s meant to just sound really, really painful.

    I was out in that fog during the night, it was ten times worse and people were running into each other at intersections all over my route. People are so stupid.

  2. What about Gary, why would you hope and pray for him to get the maximum sentence?  He has already lost so much, he will never be what he dreamed of being becuse of this.  He will remember for the rest of his life that he killed someone, everytime he closes his eyes he will see it.
    And what about the fault of the deceased? How did he know that Gary wasn’t a real cop? Why didn’t he stop? I am sorry for the family’s loss but putting my friend away and 380 million dollars won’t bring Mr. Owens back either.

  3. Why would someone pray that Gary gets the maximum sentence? Oh, I dunno. A sense of justice perhaps? Sure, he’s lost a lot, but he’s lost nothing compared to Bill Owen. Gary will eventually be released from prison probably well before the 15 years the sentence might carry even if he’s hit with the maximum penalty. Gary will get the chance to start over.

    Bill won’t.

    I hope that every time Gary closes his eyes he does relive it. I hope it causes him many sleepless nights. I have no sympathy for the man. He was stupid, he was careless and he cost the life of my best friend for no good reason.

    Bill wasn’t at fault. He didn’t stop because by the time he saw Gary zooming around all of the stopped traffic at the light at 60 MPH in a friggin’ 40 MPH zone it was too late and the snowy conditions pretty much made stopping impossible. Perhaps if Gary had opted to turn on the car’s siren Bill might have heard him coming and been more cautious. I guess sirens aren’t necessary according to Mr. Seiko. I guess being a real cop isn’t necessary before engaging in police chases either.

    Personally, I’m outraged you’d even try to push the blame off on Bill. Had your “friend” used the gray matter in-between his ears instead of pretending to be something he is not we wouldn’t be having this conversation because he wouldn’t have killed my best friend. Seiko decided to be an idiot instead and he deserves to pay the price for his idiocy.

  4. I totally disagree with you. And you are being really immature about this. I’m not religious but I think that it’s not very christian or whatever you are to think like you are.  I understand that you are hurting because of the loss of your best friend but it is no reason to hold a grudge against Gary.  It was an accident.  No one is perfect.  I am sure that you have gone over the speed limit a few times in your life so drop the holier than thou attitude, Gary is anything but an idiot, as I’m sure Mr. Owens was a really great person too.  You don’t know him, and if you spend the rest of your life hating Gary it won’t get you anywhere anyway.  Hopefully someday you will realize that it was an accident, a tradgedy but an accident.  Maybe your friend should have been more cautious in the bad weather too.

    And to “Cindy”  that was a real cute comment, what are you 10? Grow up. What kind of person would want to wish pain on someone? Are you human? you certainly have no heart.

  5. First of all, you guys need to get your facts straight before you go off wishing imprisonment on someone who got stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no way in hell that he could have been going 60 on that road on that day, there was so much snow it was ridiculous. Just hitting 60 in those conditions is nearly impossible without spinning out. What you all need to realize is that traffic was already stopped by an officer ahead of Seiko. Its not like he just flew through a random light without traffic being already stopped. I am very sorry for the Owen family and to his friends who obviously cared about Owen very much. But to wish such evil things upon such a good person is unbelievable. Accidents happen, i see no other way to put it. People do much worse things purposely and dont end up in jail. He does not deserve such a fate.

  6. I’m not Christian, I’m atheist. So I guess that means it doesn’t matter if the way I think isn’t very Christian. If you took the time to read my site you’d know that.

    I’m being immature?! Where was Gary’s fucking maturity on the day he decided to play macho-cop?!? I lose a best friend of over 20 years and that’s no fucking reason to hold a grudge? What fucking planet are you from, lady? It was more than an accident, it was vehicular manslaughter! If it were “just an accident” Gary wouldn’t be facing a possible 15 years in the slammer.

    Have I gone over the speed limit once or twice in my life? Why yes I have, but I’ve never fucking done 60 on a fucking surface street where the limit is 40! This ain’t a holier-than-thou attitude, this is a I’m-fucking-pissed-some-asswipe-had-to-play-policeman-and-ruin-a-life-long-friendship-angry. That’s a whole different attitude from a holier-than-thou attitude.

    You give me one good reason why Gary shouldn’t be blamed for taking on authority he didn’t have and trying to be a cop he wasn’t and perhaps I’ll reconsider my stance, but seeing as you’ve made no attempt to justify his actions other than to try and blame the guy he killed I have serious doubts you’ll come up with anything. It’s not like this is Gary’s first screwup. Word has it from the Dearborn police that he was on probation already for being a fuckup. It’s pretty fucking bad when your boss comes out and says that they have no fucking clue what he was thinking because he WASN’T AUTHORIZED TO ENGAGE IN THE CHASE. What fucking part of that do you not understand? So you tell me what possible rational justifcation could Gary have had for doing what he did? Hmmm?

    Do you have any fucking clue what it is to have someone who has been like a brother to you for DECADES suddenly ripped from your life due Gary’s little “mistake?” You’re right, I don’t know Gary and if he’s lucky I’ll never get the chance to meet him because it wouldn’t be pretty. The only fucking “accident” here was Mr. Seiko. The only comfort I can take away from this is that he will never be a cop because we sure as hell don’t need cops like that on our streets.

  7. The other officer hadn’t stopped traffic, it was a red light on the officers side and Bill was turning left on a green from his side! The quote on the speed reached is from the State Police themselves so if you have a problem with it, take it up with them. The gall of you people is just astounding. Some of us were at the traffic scene moments after it happened so we already know first hand what transpired so don’t give me this bullshit you’re shoveling.

    He coulda been fucking Saint Peter for all I care, but it doesn’t change the fact that he negligently killed someone doing something he SHOULDN’T HAVE FUCKING BEEN DOING.

    Tell you what, though, I’m a reasonable man. Instead of a trial and sending his ass to jail, how about we just stick him inside a Volkswagen Jetta and let me have a go at the drivers door inside a nice, big police cruiser? Whadaya say? Good old eye for an eye. We can even call it an accident if it’ll make you feel better. If he lives he can go free. Sound like a plan? Can’t get much fairer than that.

  8. I realize that the friends of Agron Seiko are trying to protect their friend. They are confused and feel so sorry for him. They must not have ever experienced the loss that you, Les, are feeling.  They are young and have never felt this pain before.  What they do need to realize is that their friend must go to jail.  He needs to serve his maximum of 15 years (or longer if it could be that way).  They didn’t know Bill. I’m angry right now.  I’m hurt, sad, angry, and I miss Bill.  He may be young or made a mistake, whatever.  Billy isn’t here because of him.

  9. I’d been doing pretty well lately, dealing with the loss and the anger that I had initially felt. I wasn’t all that angry after Megan’s first response, but the second one combined with Nader piping up as if this whole “accident” were in some way justifiable made me lose it.

    I don’t normally get this angry and I don’t normally lash out like this at perfect strangers, but these people have managed to hit all the right buttons. They honestly seem to think Seiko’s actions were somehow defensible and yet neither of them has offered any reasonable explanation for why he felt he had to act in a way he KNEW he wasn’t authorized. No, instead they try to blame the victim. Another perfect example of people refusing to accept responsibility for their actions. I’m sick of people doing stupid, idiotic things and seriously hurting other people only to try and claim status as a victim. To try and absolve themselves of the consequences of their actions. I refuse to sit here quietly and listen to someone try to push the blame off on Bill.

    To those who know me, I apologize for my very public outrage.

  10. I guess I’ll jump in here with a few thoughts.  Just so you know where I’m coming from, the last time I saw Bill was when I helped carry his body to a hole in the ground.

    Nader said: You guys need to get your facts straight.. There is no way in hell that he could have been going 60 on that road on that day, there was so much snow it was ridiculous.

    There’s no way in hell he should have been going sixty.  Les wasn’t exaggerating or pulling numbers out of his ass here.  To its enormous credit, the Dearborn Police called in the Michigan State Police to do the accident investigation.  Sixty miles per hour is how fast Seiko was travelling when he hit Bill’s car.

    Let’s review the facts of the accident.  Bill was leaving work and turning left on a green arrow.  Agron Seiko decided it would be a good idea to blow through the intersection at 60 mph, coming from Bill’s left.  Seiko was on the left shoulder of the divided street.  Assuming that the people on Rotunda were driving the SUV’s and full size pickups so popular in Detroit, there was no possible way that Bill, sitting in his Volkswagon Jetta, could have seen a cop car through three lanes of traffic.  Seiko didn’t have his siren on, and since Bill doesn’t have Spidey-Sense or X-Ray Vision, he had no clue he was about to get torpedoed.

    An actual cop, trained in high speed pursuits, would have stopped to check for traffic before crossing against the red light.  A cop would have known that people can’t yield to a police cruiser they can’t even see.  Without that training, Seiko decided it would be a good idea to just rush headlong into the intersection and hope no one was in the way.

    Megan said: It was an accident. No one is perfect.

    Agron Seiko was joyriding.  He wasn’t in a “pursuit” or a “chase”.  He knew the other cops were busy with other things and decided to go for a joyride in a police cruiser.  When a person gets killed because of someone else’s total disregard for their safety, that’s criminal.  Did Agron Seiko set out to get someone killed on that day?  No.  But his actions made Bill’s death inevitable.

    Seiko is 20 years old.  Not even old enough to carry a handgun.  That’s a pretty good indication that he wasn’t supposed to chase bad guys, right?  I mean, what’s he going to do if he catches them?  Use harsh language?

    Megan said: I

  11. Les, you needn’t apologize. This is your forum, your space. You have every right to speak freely in your own place, and that includes expressing anger as much as expressing joy. You allow your visitors to freely and openly say their piece without censure, which is wonderful, and that should apply to you most of all.

    I understand that Gary’s friends are upset, and are just being loyal. I just hope that they can show a bit more respect for the fact that we, Bill’s friends, are doing the same thing. Implying it was in any way Bill’s fault is really NOT the best way to get us to be a bit more forgiving.

    I think what Daryl said sums it up rather neatly. Yes, of course Gary’s friends don’t want him sent to jail for years. But – at least you can visit him, speak to him, look in his eyes. You can share your lives with your friend while he’s incarcerated. Gary will eventually get out and have a life ahead of him. Bill’s friends get to visit a grave, and we never get to interact with him again. Gary has the better deal here, even if he got a full 15 years.

  12. Hey Gary and Megan and Nader

    I think he should be locked away for 20 fucking years.
    I had to carry the body of my one of my closest friends of the last 15 years, and put him in the ground. I’m looking at his empty seat next to me now at work. you got alot of nerve coming on this board and saying that.


  13. Well, children… 
    1)  When you make mistakes, there are consequences. 
    2) You can’t undo the mistake, ever.
    3) If you are responsible, you do apologize, you do feel remorse, but you understand there is “no taking back” of what you did or didn’t do and you accept the consequences.
    4) You don’t expect to be forgiven. 
    5) Even forgiveness does not mean “shirking” responsibility or “weaseling out” of the consequences. 
    6) You don’t cry, “Poor me.” 
    7) You can’t claim, “Oops!” 
    8) You don’t fuss about fairness.
    9) And your posse can’t help you whine your way out of the consequences of your actions.
    10) You don’t ask Mommy and Daddy to help make it better.

    You’re a grown up now.  

    You realize your selfishness, you recognize your mistake and you accept the consequences. 

    You suffer them and if you are lucky, you move on….

    Agron (and apparently you two) haven’t realized what he really did.  He is a murderer because he was too selfish to think first, instead of acting on impulse. 

    Now, replace Bill Owen with your mother, father, sister, brother, close cousin, one of each other and tell me that “it’s just a mistake.” 

    Agron hasn’t begun to truly understand what he has really done and neither have you,  but everyone is about to find out, especially him.  Or, unfortunately, maybe not.  Maybe never…. Because he can fool himself as you play fools and convince yourselves it’s all a big misunderstanding, misrepresentation, just a little accident, it’s everyone else’s and everything else’s fault that the “accident” occurred: Snow, victim not looking carefully enough, etc…  Not my fault. I’m not to blame. I’m not really responsible for my choices, my actions, good or bad.

    Never mind it could never, ever have happened if Agron (Gary) hadn’t taken a joy ride, unauthorized, in a police cruiser when he knew he was not supposed to do it.  When he had formally (recently) been reprimanded for doing such things… without permission… on impulse.

    I somehow doubt Good ‘Ole “Gary” would have become a full-fledged Police Officer, ever.  He was already screwing up and proving a history of irresponsible, immature, unprofessional behavior. 

    Oh poor Gary, he as no future.  His dreams of being a policeman have been crushed.  Oh well, such is life and Gary still has his… so go find a new dream Gary.  All of us grown ups usually do… as time moves on and you truly grow up you will realize that nothing ever “plays out” quite like you think you want or expect day to day.

    Bill Owen is dead and Argon Seiko is his murderer.  Yes, living with that would be difficult.  If he truly chooses to “live with it.”  Not fool himself into believing he wasn’t really responsible as both Megan and Nader have obviously accomplished for themselves.

  14. Here is a hypothetical situation for those who would try to explain this away as an unfortunate accident:

    Imagine a loved one, let’s say a brother for the sake of argument, is in the hospital awaiting heart surgery, let’s say a bypass. It has been scheduled and there is a Heart Surgeon on his way to perform the bypass. Now while it is not critical that this be done immediately another Doctor, perhaps an Orthopedic Surgeon, feels the need to wheel your brother into surgery immediately.

    During the bypass the Orthopedic Surgeon, not being as familiar with the heart and its vascular topography accidentally severs an artery and your brother dies on the table.

    The Orthopedic Surgeon certainly did not mean to kill your brother and he could have let the more qualified Heart Surgeon perform the operation, but due to ego, concern, or a desire for glory he chose to do it himself. Do you ignore that he decided to operate even though he was unqualified, especially when someone who was specially trained in heart surgery was on his way? Do you automatically forgive him simply because he made a mistake and he is sorry? Don’t you think that he needs to take responsibility for his own actions, as must we all, whenever one of our decisions results in tragedy? Can you conceivable imagine the Orthopedists family or friends blaming your brother for needing the surgery in the first place?

    I do feel for Gary because I can put myself in his place, I have made mistakes due to bad judgment myself but I have always owned up to them no matter how painful or embarrassing the consequences. He is still alive and will be able to make better choices tomorrow; Bill will never make another choice again.

  15. weeks after the event, I still find myself saying IF ONLY …? every lunch hour.  This is my selfish sentiment of realizing that I miss Bill, a ‘Great’ guy.
    I have a general sympathy for people who lose their future because of an extrenuating circumstance. EX) a marathon runner who loses his legs in a car accident.But it is all RELATIVE. If you want, put in my perspective, with similar feelings of that of bill’s friends, and understand that relatively speaking the sympathy for Gary is .00000000000000001%.
    I think he needs to pay for his extremely reckless behaviour and actions and get the full sentence. If it wasn’t Bill, it would have been somebody else,if not that day, another day. He had no respect for the law and the life of others around him.
    Remember, that my thoughts are selfish, so if you want, take my words for what they are, and just that.

  16. At least once a day I think about Bill, but I don’t dwell on his death.  I remember everything that made him special to me. No, I’m not ten, but I was ten when I found out how wonderful Bill was.  I wish I could say that I’m sorry for my comments, but I’m not.  I am sorry that it happened, I am sorry for our loss and even in some ways yours, but it doesn’t change the ending.  It is good of you to stand by your friend, that is what good friends do, but you can’t expect us to not stand up for ours.  The battle of words isn’t helping anyone, so let me say this… Each night I pray for Bill’s family and friends, I pray for Mr. Seiko’s family too, but I’m not prepared to pray for Mr. Seiko yet.  One day maybe I will, when the anger has died down and the pain isn’t so real.  He fucked up people and someone died!  Fifteen years vs a lost life, doesn’t seem fair, talk to me in fifteen years, maybe I’ll feel differently.

  17. Sorry for your loss, this young man has caused a lot of problems and caused a lot of grief over his foolish actions.  This was not his first encounter with reckless behavior.  He will be in Dearborn District Court on November 14th at 8:am, to testify in a matter where his reckless, unwarranted behavior while once again pretending to be a cop, caused false charges to be brought against an innocent man…maybe he’ll admit the truth for once….

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