The Apocalypse fish.

I was going to talk about the carp in New York City that is reported to have started shouting out warnings on the coming Apocalypse just prior to being butchered and sold for someone’s dinner, but pretty much everyone else has already talked about it so it’s old news.

Suffice it to say that I think the story smells a little fishy and I’ll be content to deep-six my initial inclination to point out how some people will believe just about anything.

4 thoughts on “The Apocalypse fish.

  1. I must point out that the poor fish was on the chopping block when it shouted out “The end is near!”  And it was right!  Even after the guy dropped the knife and ran, he left it there to suffocate!

  2. Too true. What I want to know is: Did they bother to tell the folks they sold the fish to later about its unusual behavior?

    You think the fish seller was surprised, imagine the looks on the faces of the purchasers when the fish starts yelping from inside their oven!

  3. The first time I took my wife fishing, she reeled in a trout that promptly started squeaking.  Imagine my distress!  “Oh god!  She’s never going to want to do this again!”

    She ate it later, with lemon and garlic. 

    * * * * *

    Hmmmm.  I just saw Stigmata.  Maybe the fish will possess those who ate it?

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