Testing… testing… 1… 2… 3…

This post won’t have anything insightful or meaningful in it because I’m just testing out a new tool for posting entries to my site with. Called w.bloggar it’s a WYSIWYG editor that aims to make blogging more like traditional word processing for folks who aren’t overly HTML savvy. I’m checking it out mainly for possible use by my sister who maintains her own blog called Cindyisms as I think it would be a big help for her.

This is pretty nifty. I can boldface, italicize, underline, and strike through.  Change the

font color, style, and size

, insert pics, links, and justify text left, right, center and full justified. It even has a spell checker built in. The real test will come in a moment when I try actually posting this message.

I found this via Solonor’s site.

UPDATE: With this post I have officially broken the 700 entries mark on my blog. Woot!

13 thoughts on “Testing… testing… 1… 2… 3…

  1. The only two problems are the lack of extended entries if you’re on MT, and sometimes it gets a timeout error when posting (at least for me). Other than that, it’s wicked cool… especially for those on Blogger!

  2. It does look pretty nifty. I’ve been looking at some of the add-on WYSIWYG editors that replace the standard textarea in the HTML as possibilities, but this might be a better solution. Especially if they add on support for extended entries.

  3. Yeah, you know: Woot! As in WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! Or “Woot you looking at, Willis?”

    That last bit’s from the British version of Different Strokes.

    OK, I made that bit up.

  4. Yeah don’t mind him – he’s a right winger and he’s from Victoria.  But sometimes he doesn’t blog about cricket (I dont understand cricket and I live in Australia)

  5. Cricket is one of the few sports I’ve actually paid money to watch and actually had a good time doing so because it was just so much different from anything they do here in America. Closest thing we have to it is baseball which has got to be one of the most boring things someone can actually pay money to sit out in the hot sun and watch. The one Detroit Tigers game I went to I got a free ticket to and the best memory I have of it was doing “The Wave”(TM). Beyond that it was the Tigers versus some other team, I’m pretty sure it was another baseball team though with as badly as the Tigers play it could have been a lacrosse team for all I know, and one of the two teams won the game, but I couldn’t say which of the two. Come to think of it, I don’t think I really cared at the time. I was having too much fun doing “The Wave”(TM).

    I was born without the Male Sports Gene so most of the time I couldn’t give a rats ass about what the local teams are doing unless they were to, say, spontaneously combust in the middle of a match.

    I’d pay money to go see that.

    Otherwise, I just nod my head and pretend to be enthused when other males at the office walk up and start jabbering away about the game last night.

  6. I remember that game Les. I saw you on telly in the crowd. Red hair, big glasses (With wobbly spring eyes)  and face-paint. You got hit in the head with a hot dog. You were sitting next to the guy next to Ferris Bueller. The Tigers beat the San Francisco Celtics on a disputed power-play. You were marked down by the Russian judge and the French judge ate cheese and refused to vote.

  7. YOu are one stupid fuck! Go out get a life and maybe even a girl freind! Or in your case a boyfreind you ass ramming anal whore! If only I would meet you in person I would kick you square in the nuts with my steel tipped boots! Can we say crunch!

  8. 😀 I always find comments like this one amusing. The irony involved is lost on the commenter themselves, but that’s only to be expected with such intelligent and witty repartee.

  9. What the Hell was that insanity?

    I love watching and playing most sports but baseball absolutely bores me as well. The irony is that I have only one friend who has that same interest. Every other male friend I have as well as my brother could not care less about sports. I think it may have something to do with that jock/thinking ratio, the more the jock the less the thinking and visa versa.

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