Testing out alternatives to MovableType.

I’ve been debating dumping MT in favor of a full blown CMS package for use here at SEB. My main motivation would be to have a user registration system so I could have a little more control over comments and the like. An integrated message board and poll system would also be nice. The two options I’ve been learning toward include Xoops 2 and e107. Of the two, Xoops seems like the more robust package, but e107 seems less resource hungry. Both have support for multiple themes and plug-ins for adding functionality and both seem to have active communities supporting them.

Biggest drawbacks to them would be the loss of pinging weblogs.com and other similar services as well as the trackback function. Plus the fact that the move over would mean any links to my current site from elsewhere would suddenly become defunct unless I opt to leave the old stuff in place as-is and just start fresh with the CMS.

I’ve set up test installs of both packages to gather opinions from you guys with. You can see the Xoops install here and the e107 install here. I’d love to get some feedback from those of you who visit regularly on what you think.

Update 3/26/03: I’ve removed the test installs and as such have removed the links to them. You can still try them out at OpenSourceCMS.com though.

3 thoughts on “Testing out alternatives to MovableType.

  1. Both look great – I might consider switching the Guild web site to one of those types instead of the segmented stuff we’ve got now – Right now, I’d lean towards the Xoops though, seems like it’s been around longer…

    As for the pings, I thought I recent read somewhere of someone making a program to emulate the pings – but can’t remember where I saw it!

  2. I don’t know…both of them look kind of busy to me. I’m not much of a “portal” fan – they’ve got their place, and they can add some extras, but I like feeling like I’m talking with an individual or a smaller group. Portals look like “hey, here’s a megacommunity”. When I want megacommunity with bellznwhistlen and blinkenlightzen, I can always head over to MeFi or some site of that ilk.

    Of course, that’s just one person’s opinion…and this isn’t my site, it’s yours ;-> I say, use whatever you want to.

  3. I can appreciate that sentiment Muse. I must confess that I am an incessant tinkerer and I’m always dreaming up new things to do with other things (like my website) if only the tool offered X feature. I should probably just wait until MT releases their Pro version that will add in some of the stuff I feel is missing.

    I keep considering using Pmachine as it has some of the stuff I’d like to add while keeping it relatively simple like MT, but I’d have to cough up $40 for the Pro version to get everything I’m after. I’ve played with it a bit, but not enough to feel it’s worth the $40 yet when there are open source packages that do more for free. I know MT Pro will have a price attached to it, but I’m pretty familiar with MT already so it probably won’t bug me as much.

    I could probably pull off some of what I want to do using plug-ins I suppose. The user registration issue is getting to be a big issue with me, though. I also wasn’t happy with the fact that I was getting some damned odd errors from MT that, while they didn’t seem to be stopping things from doing what they’re supposed to, still left one feeling uneasy that I could figure out why they were occurring. Those have, oddly enough, since died down recently.

    Oh well. Suppose I’ll just sit tight for the time being.

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