St. Patrick’s Day for Heathens.

If you’re a heathen like me you may have found yourself occasionally wondering why the Catholics make such a big fuss over Saint Patrick’s Day. Other than a day to get drunk on green beer, what’s the 411 on this supposed Saint anyway? Well William Hopper is ready to help us out with his guide to St. Patrick’s Day for Heathens.

Even the most ardent heathen has to hold some modicum of respect for St. Patrick. Sure, he’s a saint, and supposedly holy and sanctified, but let’s face it: the guy’s responsible for more annual beer sales than the Budweiser frogs and Paul Hogan combined.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. The fact that he wasn’t Irish and wasn’t named Patrick didn’t seem to hinder this.

Like it so far? Then click here to go read the rest. You’ll learn just how silly some Catholic legends can be, but what do you expect when it’s basically an excuse to get drunk and eat a lot of food?

11 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day for Heathens.

  1. Haha I love it. Being raised by scary Irish Catholics and challenging it all frequently, this really cracked me up.  My grandmother has a hefty stash of holy water on supply in her house and believes in banshees and stuff.  Even as a child I thought it was all a bit absurd.  This guy is spot on!

  2. I used to wear an orange shirt and a black arm band every St. Pat’s day. I also had a button that said, “Bring back the snakes—Ireland was better off pagan!”

  3. I used to wear orange on sait patricks day?

    Get over it man… the orange order is DEAD, nobody cares about you (or your parades).On the other hand, saint patrick’s day patricks day participants grow every year.

    The orange order, is about as dead as that cat I ran over yesterday

  4. Dear Scary Irish Catholic:

    It IS curable.  I know.  I was one. Sign me up fr the “Bring back the snakes” campaign.

    Wm Hopper (the guy who wrote the article on St. Patty’s)

  5. Wat tha hell are use all on about
    we CATHOLICSAre allowed too celebrate our faith
    and for ur information
    Saint Patrick was a Protestent
    So Shut Tha Fuck Up tongue wink

  6. Michelle – it doesn’t matter who he was, or whether or not (or when) you celebrate, it’s what he did and said that counts, and that is just as valid now as it is all through the year. You’re also relying on the accounts of what he did to be accurate, bear in mind that there were people less well known throughout history equally worthy of celebration, but just didn’t get credit – this was a driving force for patent law, which is a little fairer

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