Spinsanity counters myths and misconceptions about Iraq.

I’m backing off a bit on talking about the war in Iraq in part because I’ve already stated my feelings on it and in part because it’s already started so there’s no point in my whining about it any longer. The debate rages along regardless and I’m content to sit back and try to keep an open mind about the issues being tossed back and forth. Part of that process involves seeking out the truth from resources that approach the topics in question from as rational and logical a point that they can. This is why I was so impressed with the article at ***Dave Does The Blog that I mentioned yesterday.

Well, while I was tooling around at Scott’s site I came across his entry about the folks at Spinsanity and their recent entry on Myths and misconceptions about Iraq. The article sets about to debunk several pro-war and anti-war arguments with a decent application of logic and a fair amount of links to sources to back up their conclusions.

In short, they’re trying to get at the truth without all the emotional ideological bullshit that most pro-war and anti-war sources tend to engage in. I don’t mind being wrong and I don’t mind having my opinions challenged and even changed. I just want to know what the truth is so I have a solid foundation to make judgments from. Judging from some of the other articles at the site the folks at Spinsanity seem to have that same goal. I’ll be adding them to my blogroll later this evening.

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