SEB will be partially broken for a couple of days.

Depending on how quick your ISP is to update their DNS records you may find that you can or can’t respond to this entry. Seems my registration for expired on the 23rd and I had forgotten to update my contact info with my most recent email address so I never got the notifications ahead of time. As the MovableType script that we use to run SEB is hosted on the domain it’s possible that some folks visiting the site will find they can’t respond to comments. I discovered this because it seems Wide Open West is on the ball at keeping their DNS records up to date as I was in the middle of a big post last night around 9PM and when I clicked SAVE it came back with a “page not found” error. ARGH! As you can see from this entry, my employer isn’t as quick to update their DNS records.

Things get complicated by the fact that the register originally used has changed their methods and so I have to transfer the domain from the “old” system to their “new” system which takes 24 hours and THEN it’ll be renewed which’ll take a couple of days to propagate. Even then there’s a chance it won’t work, because Blogomania switched from one hosting provider to another shortly after I signed up and I ended up using the wrong domain name during the renewal and I can’t update it until after the transfer. So it’s possible that I may not regain access to the Jenkins Online domain, and my ability to post and you to comment, for upwards of a week. Naturally this also means that my wife’s blog (Anne’s Id & Ego) and my sister’s blog (Cindyisms) are both affected as they’re both hosted as sub-domains on Jenkins Online.

So, as I said, depending on when your ISP updates their DNS records will dictate whether or not you can comment or visit the other two blogs. Don’t sweat it, I’ll have it all sorted out in a couple of days.

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