Scott has had a long day.

Scott of The Gamer’s Nook had a very long day yesterday. His wife went in for surgery to remove growths on her ovaries and what should have been a 3 to 4 hour event in a worst-case scenario turned into an almost 6 hour ordeal.

At 6:00 PM, I’d finally had enough. Working through several layers of supervisors, I finally got a duty nurse on the phone who told me that one of the doctors would be down shortly.

A few moments later, both doctors finally appeared in the waiting room, where they shunted us off to a side room to talk. We were both extremely wound up by this point, having heard nothing. Kim and I had been told that the surgery should only take three to four hours, even in a worst case scenario, and she’d been in for five and a half.

Yikes! Fortunately it looks as though the lengthy time was well spent as Kim appears to be in better shape than the doctors could have imagined and may not need chemo therapy. Scott has posted a full account of the day on Kim’s blog so go check it out if you want the full play-by-play. This is great news and I couldn’t be happier for Scott if he’d also won the lottery while his wife was in surgery.

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