Saddam’s eldest says “Piss off.”

Well, so much for hoping Saddam & Sons would just pack up and leave.

Saddam Hussein’s elder son on Tuesday rejected the U.S. ultimatum for the Iraqi leader and his family to leave the country, saying instead that President Bush should resign.

In a statement distributed by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Odai Hussein said Bush was “unstable” and that the U.S. leader “should give up power in America with his family.”

Is it just me or do Iraqi officials have a habit of turning around and issuing the same challenge back at BushCo(TM) as are made against them? Another example of adults in positions of power acting like little kids?

11 thoughts on “Saddam’s eldest says “Piss off.”

  1. It makes sense though, in an odd, irritating sort of way, they’re simply pointing out that BushCo(TM) are asking Saddam & Sons, Inc. to do exactly what BushCo(TM) would never do.

    We’re asking the Iraqi military to lay down their arms and surrender. They will be given instructions on how to do this once we’ve arrived to save them… we’re also asking Saddam and his sons to exile themselves and turn their country over to the military of a country they despise.

    We wouldn’t dream of doing a thing like that… what makes Bush think Saddam would?

  2. Yeah, it does make sense. I’m not actually surprised that they’re being defiant. I’d imagine that once you’ve been at the top of the power structure for as long as they have it would be near unthinkable to give it up. Even when it’s a third-world power at best. Death is probably a preferable alternative than life in exile.

    Just once I’d like to be surprised by human nature rather than having the same predictability reinforced time and again.

  3. I try to practice it every day, Les.  I’m agnostic, so there’s no dread of God pushing me to do it, just a feeling that the people around me are human beings. 

    Military studies show that 95% of those alive cannot look another person in the eye and slit their throat.  To kill, the military needs its cruise missiles and wars that take place undocumented on foreign soil.  It’s planned like this because they know that if we see what these bombs do to human beings, we will object.

    The military also teaches unwilling soldiers to kill by conditioning them to fire at certain stimuli, like an enemy soldier popping up unexpectedly.

    Human kindness is there, Les.  Smile and dip into it.  Your negativism is a certain sign that you know that things can be better.  Take heart in that.

  4. You naive bastards make me sick. You are 100% emotion and 0% reason. If you don’t like America take your ass to Iraq!

  5. Ah, such enlightened commentary from someone afraid to leave a valid email address. What makes you think we don’t like America? Personally, I love America. I just don’t always love the actions of it’s people or it’s government.

  6. Well, you sure convinced me…numbers like that speak for themselves. Zero percent reason is surely cause for concern but, and I am sure this was an oversight on your part oh sage of the internet, you neglected to enlighten us with your 100% reason and 0% emotion. I assure that if you give us your well reasoned arguments that I will remove my blinders and put on my glasses (NOT the rose colored ones) so I can make sure that I see see the error of my ways. Please help us to see the light.

    If I didn’t love my country I wouldn’t care what our president is doing to it. Maybe if you loved the country as much as you think you do you would pull your head out of your ass, look around, and see that world opinion is against us, and for those of us who live in the real world that is a concern. The Patriot Act and the Patriot II will turn this country into a police state and the Information Awareness Office will have records of the books you read and your favorite brand of mouthwash comrade. And during a war that no one knows the cost of baby Bush is trying to push a $725 billion tax cut through congress while we are all looking elsewhere and setting up his business contacts with lucrative contracts to help rebuild Iraq when the war is over. I sure hope it doesn’t turn out to be another Enron fiasco, eh Kenneth Lay?

    People like you are cattle. Easily led because you don’t like to tax your brains on complex issues and a 10 second sound bite sure beats researching an issue on your own, I mean where to begin? Even your criticisms lack substance.

  7. Ok, How many of you have been in the armed forces? Most likely none of you! The army does not teach unwilling soldiers to kill. Everyone who signs up for the military takes an oath to defend America, the Constitution and Freedom. Now we are over in Iraq fighting a war that is not our own to help liberate a people that cannot fight for themselves. We are fighting against an evil tirant that uses the innocent as human shields. If you have never been in a situation where you have had to defend your rights to freedom, and liberty then you cannot criticize our goverment or what they are doing. I have defended this country, and I have been on that wall fighting so that you could sleep peacefully at night. So I can be the one to say, Yes, WAR IS A VERY STUPID THING! YES, is the most God awful thing in the world for someone to give a man a legal right to kill another man from another country. Yes, we should try to solve things in a more peaceful manor! BUT LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!!
    We have tried for 12 years to peacefully disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. We have tried through many means to help the people of Iraq with food and supplies. But the people of Iraq are not getting what we send and Saddam becomes richer and the people die of starvation. Now is the time to act America! For the People of Iraq! For the Muslim world, that there might be a light of hope in the world that Christian, Muslims, Etc. can all live together in Harmony. But until we make a stand against the evil of this world, then we cannot go on. I pray toGod that the last sound that Saddam hears is the bells of Freedom! Let freedom Ring!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sorry Jay one of us has been, I was in during the first Gulf war. I went into the military for the college money and wound up getting ready to float around in the gulf on a hospital ship but the conflict didn’t last long enough and I was never deployed. Firstly you are wrong that anyone who has never served in the military does not have the right to criticize our government, our rights is what makes this country great and we all have them. I was willing to die to defend the rights of people who burned the flag, protested abortion clinics, and wore hoods and robes spouting horrible racist crap. Why? Sure as hell not because I agreed with them, but the right that allowed them to do that was greater than the people who sometimes disagree with my world view. If you truly love freedom you have to fight for the rights of people who will probably some day piss you off, that’s just the way it works.

    You can drop the whole concern thing for the Iraqi people too, that is just a convenient excuse to whip up support. If we really cared about human rights abuses we would have a dozen different countries on our hit list. Sadly we just pay lip service to our moral outrage, our government is much more concerned with putting out the oil well fires and securing the northen oil fields than in liberation.

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