Protesting the protesters.

I have to admit that this short quicktime film by the folks at Brain Terminal does an effective job of showing how nutty some of the anti-war protesters in San Francisco have gotten. Fair warning: There’s some footage of what appears to be a naked man defecating on something, perhaps the American flag, but I’m not sure and I really didn’t feel like backing it up to watch that bit again. Then again, this IS San Francisco we’re talking about here. Should we really be that surprised?

Found via The World Wide Rant.

2 thoughts on “Protesting the protesters.

  1. Truely sad. What was with the chinese guy? and did he say something about laringitis? The only person that made any sense and understood what they were there for was the last guy they talked to.

  2. The chinese guy was my favorite part. He was cracking me up.

    I get the feeling they may have gone out of their way to find the worst of the worst for that project, which isn’t hard to do at such gatherings. In my mind it’s more of a testament to the danger of promoting knee-jerk responses to a cause than anything else. The few people they did interview that were semi-coherent clearly hadn’t thought too much about what they were protesting against and the rest were living on a different planet entirely.

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