Nutball commentators run amok.

Is it just me or is everyone getting more than the usual number of people leaving just plain idiotic comments on their blogs?

I don’t even mean clueless people trying to argue a point they have no real understanding of, though there’s plenty of those around these days, I mean the ones where you wonder how long they’ve been off their medication and if the orderlies know they’ve gotten their hands on a computer with net access. The sort of people who probably have to wear drool bibs most of the time and consider shows like Married by America to be the highpoint of their existence.

These people show up, make two or three random comments in an entry that, if you’re lucky, might have some small shred of being close to whatever the hell that particular entry was talking about and then scamper off back into the darkness whence they came to spend hours playing with their own navels. Who the hell are these people and why isn’t the government launching a “War on Imbeciles” to deal with them?

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  1. Oh, now, come on, Les. You know something of the people currently in charge. They can’t very well declare war upon themselves.

    And file under Pointless Trivia: We posted almost at the same time – we’re next to each other on Wander-lust. Stupid silly coincidences.

    Did you say something about people whom you suspect went off their meds? I think I resemble that.

  2. Dude, it aint my fault…I forgot to buy tinfoil at the store last week and THEY have been beaming propaganda into my head.

  3. If it means a day off work I will take it, otherwise Bush and this brave new Oligarchy can shove the humility and reflection straight up their asses. I need his religion forced down my throat about as much as I need four more years of this imbecilic administration dismantling the constitution. He can give me three hail Marys and an hour long blow job.

  4. yes it gives us a day off but they are trying to force the american people to believe in god. that my friends is bad. i’m wondering where my freedom of religion is. i have a right not to believe but they are telling me that i need to pray and starve myself so that god will help us kill iraqis. this is bad. feel your rights being stripped away.

  5. While it is annoying, this action isn’t without historical precedent and, in fact, has already been done once this month by the other half of Congress. Why this resolution is getting more attention than the last one I’m not sure. Keep in mind that resolutions aren’t laws so much as “statements of opinion” by Congress.

    In other words, they’re not saying you have to do anything, they’re just saying they think it would be a good idea if the nation took a day to pray and fast. To which I say: I’ve got a few suggestions for acts Congress could undertake that would, I think, be of great benefit to the nation. Chances are, though, the various representatives and senators would just act all insulted if I were to tell them.

  6. Shucks, I had some comments about nutball commentators but the topic has shifted…would I look like a nutball myself now for trying to steer back to the original post?  I don’t want to take that risk – I guess next time I’ll just have to get in on the conversation earlier next time.

  7. I don’t think it would be a problem to shift the focus back onto the original subject. Probably be somewhat refreshing actually. You have to excuse Kat, sometimes she gets a little confused as to which entry she’s responding to. That’s OK, though, ‘cause we still love her! grin

    Here’s a little help pushing this thread back onto topic: Every time I open my email these days I am often just amazed at what I get from some of my commenters.

  8. Well now a big huge deal has been made out of it and I don’t want to comment!  wink

    Really, this post hit home as I have my own little psycho guy who leaves comments about nothing – I post about supporting the troops and he comments, “Spongbob for President in 2004!”  I post about visiting my mother and he says, “Think about the feelings of the microwave”.  It’s not bizarre in a funny, clever way – just crazy for crazy’s sake.  At one point he and my husband got into a huge snipe in my comments (for the first time ever, my little weirdo commentator was making a bit of sense, so I know he’s not just mentally disturbed) but I don’t know how to deal with that guy otherwise.

    I’m thinking of starting a “Disturbing Search Requests” type site except instead of searches people can post the weird comments they get – only I don’t know if that would curb or encourage the freaks.

  9. Probably encourage them. Generally I don’t mess with these entries much unless they consist of random obscenities serving no real purpose. Not that I’m against profanities, goodness knows I use them often myself, but it would be nice if they’re used in at least a semi-coherent statement of some sort. I just find it odd that some folks respond with such insightful thoughts as:

    hello wot u doin

    Yes, that’s an actual comment on my entry about some weirdo who wanted Jesus to be his lawyer at his trail. You have to wonder if those people spend a lot of time hitting random blogs and just making stupid comments for no apparent reason or was it more of a drive-by-stupid-comment kinda thing.

  10. hey I’m a Creationist Christian and I think Jesus would probably laugh at the dress up magnet

    I mean look at his life yea he preached some heavy sermons and hey I mean really who gets killed for tellin someone how to be good to one another, anyway this feller spent atleast 3 years camping with his best buddies on this rock can you just see them sittin around a campfire? Jesus tellin a joke and Milk shootin out of Peters nose becuase he’s laughin so hard… and it was a clean joke even!

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