My new gaming monstrosity.

Here it is:

And damned if this puppy isn’t fast. First sign of gaming goodness was when I installed No One Lives Forever 2 and picked the “high end” configuration default and then ran the test the game has to ensure it’ll run well at those settings. The result said I should up the settings even further. All that was left was to set shadow detail to “high” and it still told me to up my settings as I had power to spare. About all I could do at that point was switch to a higher screen resolution or maybe turn on anti-aliasing and such. Oooooo this is a SWEET box!

Next up will be to clean up some of those wires and then figure out what to call this puppy. Maybe “The Blue Meanie” or something. Not sure. I’ll upload more pics of it in progress later today. Some of them are a little washed out due to the killer flash on my digital camera.

7 thoughts on “My new gaming monstrosity.

  1. Oooooooo….toy….

    I suppose “Game Lovin’ Tower of Processing Power” is a bit long. Doesn’t really roll trippingly off the tongue. Or the keyboard ;->

  2. Very nice!  I’ll be by to pick it up this weekend – thanks for putting it together for me !  smile  j/k !!

    Have fun with it!!!  I’m jealous (if ya couldn’t guess)

  3. Hey where are all the “stages” pictures, Buddy?

    Need an exact list/run down of exactly what is in it….

    Benchmark stats would be nice too.

    How about…
    Beloved Blue Box
    Blue Blight of Gamers’ Bliss
    Butt-Kicking Blue Bedlam
    Sexy Blue MONster

  4. Les, do you remember the Blue Racer cartoons? That’s what I thought of the first time I saw the pic.

    And, would you mind helping a fellow blogger? PLEASE!

    How the hell do I fix my settings on my site so that comments will remember those leaving comments? In the server switch-out, that got broken somehow.

  5. I like some of these suggestions! Muse’s makes for a particularly appealing acronym! I’m going to go spend a few hours with my GLTo’PP. Butt-Kicking Blue Bedlam has it’s appeal too. Blue Racer is short and sweet. Decisions, decisions.

    Zaldor, for just over a grand I’d be happy to put one together for you too. grin

    Goddess, hopefully the fix I suggested is working.

    Anne, I’ll be doing more pics of the assembly later today. Most of them are a bit washed out, though. Too close with the camera.

  6. Way to go DUDE!!!  It pales in comparison to the new Dell we finally decided HAD to be bought…yep, the old system was given intensive care by my good friend Les, but we had to, unfortunately pull it from life supports….

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