My favorite new bitches.

I just wanted to take a moment and give a shout out to the fine upstanding young women behind the blog The Spin Starts Here, which I discovered because one of them reads my site regularly and I clicked on her link.

These wholesome and forthright examples of purity are reporting in from Australia. A land I’ve never visited, but hope to some day so I can undo all the damage done by the Paul Hogan films in terms of my perception of the country. They share their well-reasoned opinions in thoughtful and poignant commentary on their blog which makes for some of the most eloquent reading I’ve enjoyed in quite some time. You should all definitely go check them out and add them to your blog rolls and basically worship the ground they walk upon as if they were major pop stars worthy of… well… being worshiped. Or something.

Ok, the truth is they’re damned funny and I can relate to a lot of what they’re saying. Go check ‘em out.

5 thoughts on “My favorite new bitches.

  1. Hey Les… thanks for the shout out!  It boosted our traffic substantially!  Returning the favour might see my two regular readers hit your site hehe.

  2. That’s funny. I didn’t think I had that much traffic to pass on, but if you’re happy, I’m happy!

    After reading a couple of your guy’s entries I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share the joy and warmth a visit to your site provides. I about fell out on the floor on a couple of them and felt you guys deserved to have someone publicly admit to being a fan. Having no real sense of pride I figured I’d be as good as anyone else to make the admission.

    Besides, it gave me an opportunity to make humor at Paul Hogan’s expense.

  3. Oh hey, who doesn’t want to take the piss out of Paul Hogan.  You’re only human smile

    We got a little over 20 hits from your link in the past 24 hours… which hasn’t happened since we drawn to the attention of angry Paltrow nazis.  Good stuff!

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