Moving day for Bill.

This morning won’t be any fun. I’ll be headed over to Bill’s apartment to help his family pack up his belongings to be shipped to various friend’s and relatives homes for storage until they have time to go through them later. Bill had just rented a new apartment when he was killed so this needs to be done so the lease can be broken. On the positive side he hadn’t had time to unpack much so most of it should be pretty much ready to go. On the negative side this is just going to remind everyone of how much we’ve lost.

I already know this is going to be a bit rough for me as I just used the very last email Bill ever sent me to get the address for his apartment so I could plot out how to get there. That naturally makes you pause and consider that these are the last words he ever typed to you. Now I’m getting all melancholy again. This just plain sucks.

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