Michael Moore speaks up on The Shrub’s Monday night speech.

He’s probably already seen it, but I’m posting this link for my buddy Eric who’s a big fan of Michael Moore. I have to admit that I agree with quite a bit of it myself: A Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush on the Eve of War.

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  1. Thank’s Les. It’s not like Bush actually cares what anyone else thinks but I do like to read intelligent opinions from the opposition. Why do you think I keep coming here? It’s not for the sexy santa hat pics ; )

  2. As I applauded Michael Moore walking up the aisle to receive his well-deserved Oscar, I ended up disgusted with his comments about our “fictitious” President and his “fictitious” war.  Sept. 11th was not a fictitious event and there are thousands of people without their loved ones with them because of that event.

    The Oscars or any other celebrity event should not be a forum for political opinions.  Mr. Moore comments hurt my ears and my heart.

    My father has served his country in three different wars to help liberate other countries that were drowning in the dictatorship that ruled, killed, starved and raped its people.  I am very proud of my father and other heroes who have defended people too weak to defend themselves.  We have become a nation that needs defending.  Do we want to see other buildings toppled and our people killed?  Children orphaned?  I don’t think so.  We have to do what is necessary to stay free.

    Shame, shame on Michael Moore!  A man who I thought had vision has nothing but blinders on.  An artist obviously without intellect and heart.

  3. Various performers have used the Oscars to make political statements long before Michael Moore did. It’s almost a de facto expectation any more. The only way to avoid it is not to watch.

    Whatever Mr. Moore may or may not have said during his acceptance speech in no way diminishes what your father has done for the sake of this country. These are two different issues and shouldn’t be confused.

    As to whether we have become a nation that needs defending I would say we have always been a nation that needs defending. If you’re only just now realizing that then perhaps Mr. Moore is not the only one with blinders on. It is debatable, however, whether or not Iraq was a serious enough threat to this country to undertake this war. It is debatable if we are currently doing “what is necessary to stay free.”

  4. Freedom of speech I do agree with.But……….this arrogant piece of skin makes my skin crawl,even before the war with Iraq.I try to never hear or see him on T.V.I can never change the channel fast enough.If he wanted to bash our president why not pay to air his comments instead of waiting for the oscars to give us his two cent’s.Needed to vent.

  5. I’ve just read his speech as I didn’t watch the oscars myself (never could stand award shows) and I honestly don’t think he said anything all that horrible. It’s his opinion and he has a right to use his acceptance speech to give it. If giving one’s opinion when it’s unpopular is arrogance then that’s a sin we are all guilty of at one time or another.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: He’s not the first to use the oscars as a podium. He won’t be the last.

  6. Michael Moore is a hypocrite.  Examples follow:

    1.He praises unions.  When his writers on TV Nation attempted to join the writers guild, he dissuaded them.

    2.According to Debbie Schlussel on the Howard Stern Show this morning, Michael Moore owns stock in many of the companies he rails against.

    3.Again, according to Debbie Schlussel, he acts like an ordinary working guy, but in reality, he lives in a million dollar apartment in NY.

    5.According to Salon.Com, his book Stupid White Men is filled with unending factual errors.

    6.According to Debbie Schlussel, his moview Bowling for Columbine is filled with errors and actually stages scenes.

  7. Considering that Debbie Schlussel is a conservative political commentator I’d be surprised if she didn’t claim Michael Moore’s books and movies were filled with errors.

    She’s a Michigan native with a local radio talk show that I’ve stumbled across once or twice and I’ve heard enough to know I wouldn’t trust her opinion on Michael Moore, or many other things for that matter. Here’s an excerpt from one of her shows as reported in the Detroit Free Press:

    Jim persists. “You mentioned something about Jennifer Granholm’s husband staying home with the kids.”

    “Yes,” she coaxes, “the first girlie-man, Dan Granholm Mulhern.”

    “Seriously,” says Jim, sounding more amused than irritated, “what is wrong with the man staying home with the kids while his wife goes off and is governor?”

    Time for her to turn up the heat.

    “All I can say is, where are your testicles? . . . The fact is, men are made to be the breadwinners . . . Any guy who subverts his urge to be the hunter-gatherer is just going against nature . . . What happened to men being men and women being women?”

    Needless to say, she probably has a bias against the likes of Michael Moore. Now, having said that, I do agree that there are factual errors in both Moore’s book Stupid White Men and his movie Bowling for Columbine. Many of which have been pointed out by Ben Fritz who wrote the article first published at Salon.com which you mentioned in your post (a reprint can be seen at Spinsanity.org).

    This is why it pays to actually look into the claims being made by representatives of either side before simply accepting their word for it. Most folks don’t want to be informed, though, they just want to hear confirmation of their point of view which is why people like Debbie Schlussel and Michael Moore are as popular as they are with their target audiences.

  8. I feel it is appropriate and necessary for people to have a wide range of opinions, and to voice their opinions in a intelligent manner within a appropriate forum.  That said, Mr. Moores behavior and remarks actually caused me to cringe. He obviously has no appreciation for the freedoms that his country has bestowed upon him.  He has made a fortune by ridiculing a variety of facets of American life, whether it be American corporations, American politics, or American lifestyles.  If he believes life in the USA is so horrible and wrong, he should consider moving to another country to ply his trade, preferably one ruled by a genocidal maniac. He is ingorant to the fact that if he were a citizen of Iraq a death squad would have silenced his barbed tongue long ago.  When public figures act like jackasses, as Mr. Moore has done, it only furthers to strengthen the cause of the adversaries of freedom and democracy by creating greater diversion and propagating misinformation among the population—many of whom appear to be protesting for “peace” for no greater reason than a misguided fashion statement.  Mr. Moores comments would be lended more creditability if he were to brandish a pro Saddam sign while bad mouthing our country—at least then there would be no doubt regarding his intentions.

  9. Well, not impugn the reputations of Debbie Schlussel or Salon.com but maybe they have their own agenda, maybe they don’t like watching a an unkempt clown for an hour on TV or at the Movies, or maybe they are spouting off because they heard this all somewhere else too. I personally don’t care for smoking but I would bet that my 401-k’s are probably holding some stocks with ties to the tobacco industry. It is also possible that as a shareholder he casts his votes to try to change things within the company. Did you ever consider taking the time to form your own opinion?

    I am an athiest but I read the bible so I know the tenets of the Christian faith. I am looking into a few books that will explain the Koran to me as well, though I am not a Muslim. I dislike the current administration but I follow politics so I know what kind of mischief they are up to. Howard Stern and Micheal Moore are funny guys but sometimes I think they go too far for a joke and I am not about to let either of them tell me what I should think about a given subject.

    On the whole I have no problem with his criticism of the president or using the Oscars to promote his anti-war message. Why not? Nightly I listen to news broadcasters that are cheerleaders for this war, seemingly nothing more than mouthpieces for the administration. I watched a piece where an interview was being conducted with Jacques Chirac (that would be the French President) and all through it they were playing this goofy accordian music to make him appear foolish. Nice objectivity.

    Maybe we should all be big enough to agree to disagree and let it go at that.

  10. Most of my comments were to Andrew X, I guess I didn’t type them in fast enough ; )

  11. who is michael moore anyway?  and who cares what he says?
    except to expose himself as the america hating freak that he is.
    hey michael – bagdad needs shields like you – I buy – you fly!
    shame on you – you stupid bastard – and shut the hell up!!!

  12. am very sorry that michael moore hurt nancy’s heart, and offended some of you so much.  but in the end, despite nancy’s father’s bravery in following orders, there are a lot of people, most of the world in fact, who believe that bombing iraqi families (a family with a father in the war, perhaps like nancy’s) in this war is not the best way to protect america nor liberate anyone. it is true that at least america allows movies like bowling for columbine to be made, and the screening of media which confirms that there was electoral fraud, but these freedom is not protected by killing some iraqi nancy’s father, very scary that so many americans do not see this.

  13. Michael Moore’s comments were perfectly appropriate. He had an opinion and he spoke, even though he might have done it without tact. He does not hate America, he just points out the injustices that Americans suffer at the hands of big corporations and politicians. I appaulad him for saying what the majority of the world feels. Even Hollywood can escape the effects of war.

  14. Dear Amanda,

    Moore’s comments was blashpheme to the President. Anyone that agrees with Moore DOES hate America. I am not suffering at the hands of the President. You’re a fucking moron.

  15. Kurt, you’re a fucking moron for lumping anyone who doesn’t agree with you as being anti-American. Stop being a fucking moron.

  16. Michael Moore is scum of the earth.  He sucks off the teats of America, yet berates the free country where he lives.  If he hates America so much, he and the rest of the damned people like Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, and Jeanine “Gag-fulo” (to name a few) should just leave this country and go to France. We don’t need them!!!  Who do they think they are?  I hope he gets black listed in Hollywood.  I hope that if Michael meets a vet in an alley somewhere, he gets his arse kicked!

  17. don’t you all know that hollywood people are best at “acting” and “pretending”?  a small portion of them are actual intellect people, the rest of them such as Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, and Jeanine

  18. ‘Actual intellect people’…would those be anything like intellectuals? And kurt…‘Blaspheme to the president’? The root word here is blasphemy (which is probably the word you were searching for anyhow) and it means “the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence to God”. If you think of George Bush like a god you have GOT to be the saddest fuck I have ever heard of. However I can see how his intellect would appear to tower over yours.

    I really didn’t come here to correct your spelling or point out your misuse of words, but it is nice to see our educational system doing such a fine job. Your slavish devotion to this illegitimate president sickens me and if you are what the Republican party is turning out these days they should be branded a terrorist organization. It is people like you who are sending the average IQ in this country plummeting and to think you are the future of this country. If I believed in a god I would pray until my knees bled that you never procreate.

  19. Wow, what a jumping topic, Les. I can’t believe these morons who equate liking Moore with being anti-American.

    What a bunch of fascist fucks.

  20. I think that Michael Moore is a self righteous asshole who represents nothing more than a greedy self endulging asshole in disguise. I don’t disagree with his RIGHT (although very inappropriate) to blubber what he wants to blubber…I’m disagreeing with what he said… I’m ecstatic that the fat bastard got boo’d like he did, especially by his stuck up hollywood cronies!!! lol, in the end they’re all about the $$$, and it disgusts me. They (celebrities) built their fortune off America’s back, and now they abuse their power to speak out against the very thing they took advantage of …capitalism, and freedom…

  21. Actually Andrea, he is filming his next movie BECAUSE of his ideals. If all he cared about was the almighty dollar why not leave Bush alone, especially with him trying to push his idiotic tax plan through Congress? I am sure Mike would probably be getting a better tax cut than the lousy $300.00 we would get, the rich are the ones who ALWAYS benefit from having a Republican in office. Michael Moore plans on dragging Bush’s dirty laundry out into the publics view. Unfortunately most of us who care already know so it comes as no shock to us, for those of you who don’t well you weren’t going to pay any attention to the truth anyhow.

    Pearls before swine.

  22. Is it our old friend Mr. Manifest Destiny again who has booted U.S. reeeeeling into the 21st century as the True Defender of the Weak and Down trodden of the world..BRAVO! no matter how many times it’s been done, people will inevitably fall for that old fools-ruse THE MEDIA IS PULLING ON US EVERY NGIHT “Hey, lookit that, over there! Wow , ho-ly-shee-it” while another tricky fellow ties your shoelaces together, Duh,huh,huh!jokes on you, wake up! take a good look at the shape this nation is in right now! Our house has been in disarray for a long time and boy -o, the last thing we need is to spend(piss away) 74 BILLION PLUS$$$ on “Operation…. Iraqi…(fanfare)Freedom (wild cheers of unbridled pride) , America is now the prime contender for the title ” world most expesive Orkin man!It is no small wonder that the media has a herd of TV fed veal-headed Americans ripe for the taking. why do I sense that any day now, Ole 43 will co-opt Queens “We are the champions” and the bleating herd (Read as: target demographic audience..or.. a million points of light?)will hold hands in candle light vigil, swaying to and fro in a maudlin display that will spread faster than smallpox in a stalled elevator. the cry goes out and the crowd goes wild and (I know -I saw it on the news!)..Ole 43 gets a strange look of smug satifaction, knowing he can throw away the viagra, “We will be RELENTLESS!!” he says gloating ( ask Mrs 43 for the mornings results od her EPT after Ole relentless tears into her with a newfound vigor ole 43 copped in a Texas- sized whiff of human mob-pheromones (likely related to the fever pitch of battle or what John Wayne Gacy described as the sublime sensation of the power of life and death!! victim transmutates into lover at the culmination of the act (Gee Dad, that’s kinda like what’s gonna happen when we win the war,, err , I mean when Operation iraqi freedom has overcome the cruel monster of manifest destiny/Iraqi style”)AND HEY… When did it become anti- American to excercise ones CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS? or to criticize The all holy President?? he isn’t the friggin King you know, just a couple of years back he was JUST the Govenor of Tx. AND IN A COUPLE MORE (God willing) HE WILL BE ANOTHER FOOTNOTE IN THE ANNALS (ANALS!)Of HIS- STORY just a governor, No biggie, among his illlustrious colleagues was Gov. Jessie “The Body” Ventura. Now, who would dare impugn such a great American leader as he? Freedom, Liberty,you will hear it chanted like a mantra night after night by the relentless talking heads on TV. We have fought and died for these “inalienables” guaranteed to AMERICANS, READ MY LIPS, A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-S in the past… and we might just find ourselves back at square one fighting for it all over again, except it’ll be our own govt. we have to fight to get it all back!!!If the US foriegn policy doesn’t quit fuckin around in our neighbors back yards trying to tell em how to mow thier own goddamn lawns, Hell, I got old fart nieghbors like that, who come snooping around cause they don’t like the schedule I have forleaf raking, I do it every two weeks and thats tough shit! my yard makes yours look crappy!  Sorry,I digress ocasionally, I sure wouldn’t want anybody to miss a second of the great operation Iraqi snowjob, or miss this weeks episode of that show where the CIA IS THE HERO????? these are the same assholes that smuggled heroin into the U.S in the sixties via “Air America” haha and hooked up the ghetto with a bounty of cocaines (job training/ Inner city relief?))or sprayed American cities with ungodly chemical compounds in ILLEGAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, spiking drinking water with gigadoses of LSD, etc. etc. 9courtesy of the Freedom of info. act) although in almost the same prestidigitation we now have to wonder where did the body of the “Right to Privacy Act” disappear to??? we are being taken for a ride buckwheat, and it aint to fucking Disneyland! The fucking goverment probably hands out novelty toilet paper on July 4th with the constitution printed on it so they can have a good ole Texas sized chuckle as they LITERALLY wipe thier asses on it. why not, the surreptitious diminishment it suffers every time there is a national boogeyman (The WAR on Drugs) to stamp out. I get ill when I look around me every day and see people everywhere that need our help badly disenfrachised mentally ill and homeless people substance addiction recovery to give life back to people who have stumbled on the American super highway to manifest destiny land.  REAL PROBLEMS, REAL AMERICANS FACE EVERY DAY! Problems don’t have to be imported, we got ‘em by the boatload (no pun intended) hey, maybe somebody can tell me because for the life of me I just don’t understand why the world is starting (starting?) to hate the USA, but when you mention Switzerland or Norway or Sweden (and maybe a few other countries that are so inoccuous, I can’t even think of their names) the response is almost negligible. I dunno wait what are their foriegn policies like? what, you say they don’t really get into other countries businesss? I get it, if you mind your business don’t look in your neighbors windows, then you are known as a good neighbor instead of an interloper who might get a punch in the nose oops, somebody hand the statue of liberty a tissue, she’s got a nosebleed. this is a plutocracy, not the meritocracy it should be, unless of course your merit can be measured in dollars and cents.Our nations forefathers, who despite some flaws had a damn good idea when they suggest the changing of the gaurd when the existing government stops serving the people and starts serving it’s own interests as it forgoes the individual freedoms and rights of those that are born under the graces of OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights in favor of those who are alien to the soil of our freedom! don’t let the fanfare and fireworks distract you! fuck the platitudes the “sloganeering” and the marketing (haven’t you seen enough TV commercials to recognize one when you see it? HYPE… LOOK ‘EM STRAIGHT AND HARD IN THE EYES AND STARE’EM DOWN TILL THEY START TELLING THE TRUTH ONCE AND FOR ALL (FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL)  or is all you can hear the Superman theme .. “Truth, justice and the American way

  23. I am just a college senior so I havent seen it all and I admit that right away.  The think that I hate about Michael Moore is that he hates Bush more than he hates Saddam.  Does he really think that he has all the solutions and the Bush knows nothing?  Come on, Bush has much more and better intelligence than us watching Fox news and CNN.  The problem with the far left is that they are still pissed that Bush won the election and they cannot let that go.  No matter what Bush does he will never please these idiots.  I voted for Bush in my first ever election and I am going to the next time proudly.  The best thing that Americans could do would be not to buy his stupid book and not watch his slanted movie.  I mean really did you see the people he talked to that own guns they were all Tim Mcvay types.  I grew up as a hunter with guns in my home and I have never shoot anyone and treat them with the saftey that any hunter knows.  This guy is an idiot and needs to keep his Fat Ass mouth shut.

  24. You’re a college senior and your spelling is that bad? Oh boy. Well, let’s address some of your points anyway. Those we can make sense of at least:

    The think that I hate about Michael Moore is that he hates Bush more than he hates Saddam.

    How do you know this? Surely he’s made it clear he’s no big fan of The Shrub(TM), but I don’t recall him making any statements about how much he hates Saddam. You can assume that his lack of criticism is an indication that he dislikes Bush more, but that’s just an assumption. Without specific statements from Moore about Saddam all you can really do is speculate and speculation is often incorrect.

    Does he really think that he has all the solutions and the Bush knows nothing?

    You’d have to ask Moore, but the truth is: Does it matter if he thinks that? Rush Limbaugh often spouts off as if he’s the Sole Guardian of Truth and All The Right Answers yet you’re not criticizing Rush. Whether or not Moore believes he knows more than Bush or that he holds all the answers doesn’t affect the validity of any of the points he raises one way or the other.

    Come on, Bush has much more and better intelligence than us watching Fox news and CNN.

    I’m assuming here you mean “access to information” when you use the word “intelligence.” What you say may be so, but having better access to information doesn’t guarantee that the right choices will be made. You can have all of the best data on a subject available and still make poor choices if you don’t utilize the information properly. Bush’s greater access to data the rest of us aren’t privy to does not mean he’s going make the right choice, it just means he’s better informed.

    The problem with the far left is that they are still pissed that Bush won the election and they cannot let that go.

    Bush didn’t “win”, he was appointed. There’s a difference. By the same token the problem with the far right is that they’re still pissed Clinton got a blow-job in the oval office and they’ve not let that go either. Of the two issues I think it’s understandable that some people are more upset about being governed by a man that didn’t win the popular vote than by a man who got laid occasionally by someone other than his wife. At least with Clinton is was a President they chose to have in the office.

    No matter what Bush does he will never please these idiots.

    Much as Clinton never pleased the idiots on the far right. Status quo. What this has to do with Moore, though, is beyond me.

    I voted for Bush in my first ever election and I am going to the next time proudly.

    Bully for you. Based on your spelling skills alone I think I can see why you voted for him.

    The best thing that Americans could do would be not to buy his stupid book and not watch his slanted movie.

    Why would this be the best thing Americans can do? I think the best thing Americans can do is continue to engage in discussion and debate over the issues. Instead of writing off Moore as a left-wing nut job the conservatives would do well to analyze what it is about Moore’s message that appeals to enough people that Moore keeps making money. Obviously there’s a large segment of society that agrees with Moore on some issues at the least. Instead of dismissing him, they should try to figure out why people agree with him.

    I mean really did you see the people he talked to that own guns they were all Tim Mcvay types.

    First you say they shouldn’t see the movie then you ask if we saw the people he talked to. How do you expect people to know what you’re talking about if you also expect them to shun the movie in question? Apparently you must have seen the movie as you’re raising this as a criticism. Are we just supposed to take your word for it?

    I grew up as a hunter with guns in my home and I have never shoot anyone and treat them with the saftey that any hunter knows.

    Again, bully for you. This statement proves nothing other than you believe yourself to be a safe gun owner. OK, how does that one example invalidate Moore’s argument in his movie which you don’t want us to go see?

    This guy is an idiot and needs to keep his Fat Ass mouth shut.

    I bet folks have said the same thing about you.

  25. You can bet your bottom dollar that “the great unwashed”, that silent majority detest the arrogance of Michael Moore and the only way that we can retaliate is to NOT VIEW, BUY, OR RENT HIS MOVIES. Not going to debate why he is wrong and arrogant because I could not change any minds that are already made. All I can do is to ensure that Moore never benefits from my money as long as he lives.            JW Burris

  26. You can bet your bottom dollar that “the great unwashed”, that silent majority detest the arrogance of Michael Moore and the only way that we can retaliate is to NOT VIEW, BUY, OR RENT HIS MOVIES.

    Hmmm. Your “silent majority” must be pretty small. The book Stupid White Men was on the NY Times Best Seller list for over a year. Bowling for Columbine had earned over $30 million before it won the Oscar.

    Is Michael Moore wrong and arrogant? Perhaps he is. Regardless you’re a little late in the game to try and convince people not to buy his books and movies. He’s already made butt-loads of money off of them. Perhaps he’ll never benefit from your money, but it doesn’t sound like he needs to at this point. He’s got the money from the rest of your “silent majority” to play with.

  27. Moore is a self loathing obese and unkempt blathering idiot.

    He is what Lenin and Stalin called “Useful idiots”. They used that term to describe Westerners who would support thier cause without knowing the full extent (damage) of what they were supporting.

    Moore has shown himself to be one of Saddams “useful idiots”.

    Moore has a personality type that I would describe at best as rebellious and worst as traiterous. He doesn’t care about those around him and wishes only to cause chaos.

    If he lived in Iraq he would support Iran. If he lived in Iran he would support Iraq etc etc…

    If he were your brother and you had a warrant out for your arrest he would call the cops.

    He just has this spirit about him that you know he would sell your soul for a nickel if he could. And then he would make a movie about it and make a buck off it. Then he would try to get a standing ovation for it at the Oscars.

    I don’t think he has a grudge against America or White people or Republicans in particular…he just has an incessant urge to sell out. You always have to watch your back if you are around him. We all have people like that in our lives.

    Michael Moore is a perfect example of that personality type. He wraps himself up in “social justice” but you can tell he has that spirit of a sell out. Maybe he is mad at his parents or something and has blamed them for his being American or White.

    He is the epitomy of the 1960’s “revolution”.

    He will support any 3rd world dictator that comes along…he will support anything Anti-American…the only thing he won’t support is moving his fat lazy self loathing pasty white ass out of the comfort of his “homeland”.

    He is like a virus. He lives on his host and yet relies on his host to survive…but eventually he will overtake it and kill it.

    Surely he could find a nice home in France? He could afford a small villa on the French Riviera by now.

    I can’t imagine anything lower than this guy. He just gets his nuts off by twisting screws in the backs of anyone around him regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

    Stacey commented on May 26, 2003 06:50 AM

  28. My, my. Lot of opinions tossed around in that one, but little to back those opinions up.

    If you would be so kind I would love it if you would please cite three third-world dictators that he has supported. With quotes from him to indicate his support. Just three. If you can do that then we may have the beginnings of a conversation here. Otherwise you’re just ranting aimlessly and there’s no point in engaging it further.

  29. Just because one is anti-bush does not make him/her anti-American! Wanting to take away someones freedom of speech or force them into harms way, as Mr.Longwene suggested, does make one anti-American or even Saddam like. I wonder if all these “never question bush, all Americans” would oppose Bush declairing himself emperor? Furer? It is not only our right to question the government, it is our obligation as free people! I’m sick of all you Alex P. Keaton, Nixon loving, Bush Boners using our Bill of Rights as GOP toilet paper! We must not allow ourselves to be ruled by a political party! Remember men have died to protect our rights (freedom of speech is just one of many) not for our leader to be immune from criticism! Les for Prez in 04!

  30. This is a little off the subject but, Debbie Schlussel is a stupid ass hypocrite! If “the fact” is that men are made to be bread winning, hunter-gatherers why is she earning money doing talk radio! Yes Debbie, What happened to women being women! Why are you not in the kitchen making me a sandwich!
    Andrew, why are you listening to a woman who clearly is stating that a man’s place is in the workforce and a woman’s is in the home. In her world women should not be allowed an opinion!! so why is she even opening her mouth for anything other than food or her husband’s manhood?!

  31. you support moore and the dixie chicks. I just HAVE to know…. are you on crack?

  32. I’m assuming that the above is directed to me. The truth is that I don’t support either Moore or The Dixie Chicks, at least not as in actually buying anything they’ve produced. I do support their right to speak their opinions, however, and I do agree with some of the things they have said. Not everything, but some things.

    If you want to debate the merits of what they’ve said, fine. But if all you’re going to do is toss out poorly written wise-cracks, well, let’s just say it doesn’t do anything to win converts to your point of view.

  33. Well, to all of you people who are anti-free speech, anti-choice, and anti-American you really weren’t going to ever spend any of your money going to see a Michael Moore film or read one of his books anyhow so your threat of hitting him where it hurts? Not very convincing. Almost as convincing as me saying that I am going to tithe my 10% at church this Sunday.

    So you don’t like Moore or the Dixie Chicks…so what? I am sure they are losing sleep because a bunch of Johnny COE wanna-bes and a nation of church ladies wont buy their stuff “any more”. Go listen to Rush Limbaugh and the Grand Wizard of the KKK, probably your more your speed. Just remember that for every cross you burn you earn another candle in heaven.

  34. And while everyone here is speaking their mind, remember we still get our information from the media: our perspective is shaped by the limitations and emphasis of the information we’re given. On June 2, the FCC will vote to change long established laws that work to keep the press and airways free and public. If Michael Powell gets his way, the big corporations—people like Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox news—will be allowed to complete their mission in becoming the grand pooh-bah thought-police, nothing left in their way as they take over your hometown wholehog. Restriction in ownership of newspaper, radio, and tv will be lifted, leaving you prey to whoever has 1) the most cash, and 2) the greatest desire to control.

    This isn’t about thinking liberal or conservative; it’s about freedom to think at all. Please read and tell your friends to read:

    and http://www.openairwaves.org/telecom/report.aspx?aid=16

    We are at a crossroads. Which side are you on? Freedom or propaganda. Not deciding and not participating, those are decisions too.

  35. Who today can better understand what Michael Moore denounced as a stupid War seeing what America’situation in Iraq is today, not knowing whether your country really shows you what the truth is like in Iraq today, I hope one day you’ll understand that imposing a cultural pattern on people believing that your culture is the best is not the solution, before trying to solve other people’s problems have a look at the facts in Michael Moore (whatever his comments are they are FACTS) and starting realizing what numerous mistakes your country is committing. Be sure that by endeavouring to solve problems, you create twice as many instead. Saddam’s disappearance from Iraq is certainly a great thing but many other means like those depicted by Moore would have been much wiser. as for those saying that Moore hates his country I think he loves it much more than most of American but he hates seeing it destroying itself, destroying its American lives , destroying their jobs while making benefits, destroying soldiers lives in Iraq under the hidden pretence of taking control over a part of the world which had escaped Amrica’s control. May peace be in the world, and capitalism stop believing it’ll bring happiness into our lives.

  36. I’m just overwhelmed by the intelligence of the comments made here. You’re all so witty and smart, throwing around insults at each other. I read almost no actual facts from either side. I hope all the ranting has made you feel better about yourselves.

  37. Disgusted, It almost makes me feel as good as making little pissy comments makes you feel. Try not to fall off that high horse.

  38. I think Michael Moore is great. We’re lucky that someone cares enough to investigate the problems we’re having in America, who cares if he’s making money from it. Good for him.  He still cares and inspires others to think deeper about society’s problems and act to try to change things.  He’s trying to open people’s eyes to these problems.  If people really think that our economy is great, our obsession with violence is OK and that the government is constantly trying to distract us from their lies and deception.  These people need to open their eyes and open their ears to what Michael Moore is trying to say.

  39. Actually I’m just stoked that the economy is finally picking up due to the Bush tax cuts. . .  Clearly that Nobel economist didn’t know what he was talking about when he described the Bush economic plan as the “worst. . .  in the history of this country.”




    Hey, only one in eight Americans below the poverty line now!  Woohoo!  I think I’ll grab a sixpack and celebrate! 

    (Uh, can someone lend me a few bucks for a sixpack?)

  40. I am neither a supporter nor an opponent of Michael Moore. I agree with hime some of the time, and I disagree with him at other times. I saw “Roger and Me” years ago, and I recall it being a worthwhile film, but I recently saw “Bowling for Columbine”, and was left disappointed. There are some good points in it, primarily on the media, but it is quite disjointed, and leaves you wondering what his point was. At the beginning we find out America is violent because of all our guns, and then later he visits canada, and they have lots of guns, but little violence. Then we find out the news media in canada doesn’t show all the negative aspects that our news media does, so then it must be the news media showing violence. Then he goes back to bashing the “gun culture”, and ambushes Charleton Heston at his home. So what the hell is his point on this one? Is America bad because of guns (though he shows canada is doing fine despite that), or is it the news media? He never covers the real reasons we have so much violence, like the despair of poverty that leaves people thinking they cannot succeed, or the abysmal education system that leaves them incapable of doing so.

  41. He never covers the REAL REASONS we have so much violence because nobody knows.  If we knew the answer to that one, maybe we would have a plan to fix it….  I think the point of him ambushing Heston is to find out why he held those meetings so close after the Columbine massacre and after the poor little 6 year old who was shot by another 6 year old.  He said he has the right to hold them when and where he wants, that’s his right in America. Sure it’s his right but in many eyes it made him very insensitive.

    As for Bush’s tax cuts,  all the people that really need them, well, they are still poor.  The tax cuts for the middle class still suck.  But the rich people are stil rich. Woohoo!!

  42. Actually, I was being sarcastic when I hailed Bush’s tax cuts as being responsible for an economic recovery.  The link I tacked on points out that calling the current economic situation a “recovery” is like claiming that someone who is drowning in a swimming pool is “less drowned” than someone who is drowning in an ocean.

    (The poor are going to stay poor, because as Carlan once pointed out, it’s walking past homeless people on the way to work that convinces us to put up with our boss’s bullshit, instead of stabbing him in the hand with a pair of scissors.)

  43. Actually, nowiser, it’s Carlin, not Carlan.

    Just thought I’d be a prick.  😀

    And as for Moore’s point on the gun issue: I think his standpoint in the movie lied in the fact that it was a combination of the two that leads to our terribly violent society.  The fact that guns are so easily accessable, that our society seems to embody violence as its major focus (hence the evening news), and that our politics are screwed up to the point that our citizens have to fight to get health care to LIVE all converge to make an eccessively volitile environment for kids today.  I don’t think it lied with any specific blame, but I would have to agree that the arrangement of the information was done a bit wrong near the end.

    And as for “Disgusted”, he/she might want to consider the fact that there are some points based mostly on opinion.  And hell, Bush supporters don’t even have any worthwhile facts to present anyway.  This is why so much of modern American politics is a collection of nonsensical, stupid, pigheaded bullshit and misinformation.

    That’s MY opinion, anyway…

  44. Actually, George Carlin stole that bit from my good friend George Carlan.  They’re not related.  I swear.  It’s true.  So I didn’t spell it wrong, you just didn’t understand the whole history. . . which means that I’m RIGHT and you’re WRONG.  And that is as it should be, because I’m ALWAYS right.  :ignore:

    (alright. . .  you busted me. . . prick.):pout:

  45. Michael Moore is a degenerate, lying, hypocritical bastard. He is scum of the earth; the lowest bottom feeder in the Hollywood slime pool.

    I wouldn’t give him the sweat off my balls if he was in the desert dying of thirst.

    He and his ilk deserve to be relegated to the trash bin of history.

  46. You all so silly.

    btw ‘fictitious’ president refers probably to fact that George Jr got less than half the vote. That means most you people (the 8% who vote) didn’t vote for him.

    Actually, I was just wondering why you people are thinking america is democratic. It has one one political party more than China or North Korea and less political diversity than Iran.

    And now you sillies are getting ‘knicker in knot’ because Ralph “Snowball in Hell” is decided to run.

    Stop your whinings about 2nd rate political commentators and fix your electoral system and join the civilised world!


  47. To all of you complaining that Bowling was disjointed, didn’t make its point etc, I have thisto say: Mr Moore was not going to give you the answer. He doesn’t have the answer. He was kind of hoping that maybe you would just go away and think about the whole thing.

    He gave you enough information (and its all pretty much true despite the grumblings of some right-of-right commentators, see http://www.michaelmoore.com for a rebuttal) to really get your brains working.

    I suspect if he tried to give a simple explanation, it would have been ignored. But by just giving the facts (I know, people disagree that these are facts, but you can go to the primary sources yourself (shit that’s an idea), instead of the 3rd hand views, opinions and distortions of your favorite commentator), Mr Moore puts YOU in the position of deciding for yourself.

    Some people say that an informed electorate is a prerequisate for effective democracy. So, INFORM YOURSELF!

    Kind Regards,

    The Great Satan’s Little Helper

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