It’s only a matter of time now.

According to FedEx‘s tracking website my new AMD Athlon 2500+ processor arrived around noon today. The motherboard, video card, hard drive and DDR RAM all arrived on Tuesday and the case with matching floppy and blue neon light arrived yesterday.

Once I get home tonight I will start to assemble my new gaming monstrosity.

I managed to not allow my excitement to get the best of me and start playing with stuff before I had it all… with the exception of… the new video card. I just had to drop that puppy into my current box to see if it garnered any improvement. 3D Mark 2001SE score jumped from 5700+ under my old GeForce 3 to over 9600+ with the Radeon 9700. 3DMark03 score jumped from 752 to 4243. Not too shabby on my old PC, can’t wait to see how it does on the new one. First time I have ever seen the benchmark for my video card break 100 frames per second (FPS) for any length of time with much of the 2001SE benchmark running at 180FPS or better. The NDAs were just lifted on the next rev of the Radeon core with the announcement of the new Radeon 9800. Early word is that those of us who recently bought 9700’s shouldn’t lose any sleep over it other than for the inevitable price drops that are about to occur. The new 9800’s are a definite improvement, but not revolutionary and there aren’t any games yet that’ll push the 9700’s abilities very hard so I’m in good shape.

Tick.. tock… tick… tock… damn I hate relative time…

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