Iraqi civilians posing as soldiers, surrendering in hopes of food.

By now everyone has read all the news stories of Iraqi soldiers dressing as civilians in order to ambush coalition forces as they approach. The folks at Reuters have a story with an ironic twist:

UMM QASR, Iraq (Reuters) – Who wants to be an Iraqi prisoner of war?

Plenty of people in southern Iraq it seems, as it is about the only way to get a square meal in this swathe of territory now controlled by U.S. and British forces.

With over 3,000 prisoners of war held in an enclosure on the outskirts of Umm Qasr, civilians in the battle-scarred port town are trying to “surrender” as a means of getting food and water.

“I am a deserter and I am trying to surrender,” one Iraqi told Reuters on Monday at the gates of an ever-growing transit camp for genuine POWs.

But with no uniform or army identity tags or papers, the sentries guarding the facility turned him away.

I have to admit that things must be pretty bad if you’re willing to try and pretend to be a soldier so you can surrender and get a decent meal. Let’s hope they get the humanitarian aid supply lines up and running quickly.

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