I thought it was supposed to be spring.

It’s days like today that make me glad I’m not a sports guy. Opening day for the Tigers and there’s snow on the ground and the high will only be around 41 degrees. Traffic accidents are all over the freeways. Amazing how one week of really nice weather will make Michigan drivers forget what driving in just a tiny bit of snow is like. Looks like it’s backstreets into work today.

I’ve got several things I want to blog about, but I was lazy over the weekend. Will try to get stuff up today. Big changes coming at work. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

2 thoughts on “I thought it was supposed to be spring.

  1. What big changes? Let me know ahead of time if I need to bring some extra boxes. -F.

  2. no shit huh..i think every year it’s freakin freezin on opening day.
    well..at least one thing doesnt change…they still lost

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