How much are your rights worth?

Well, when they’re written down in the form of the “Bill of Rights” as one of only 14 copies originally commissioned by President George Washington, they’re worth an estimated $30 million. The FBI just recovered one such copy that had been missing for the last 138 years.

WASHINGTON (CNN)—The FBI has recovered a valuable copy of the Bill of Rights that had been missing for 138 years, bureau sources said Wednesday.

It was stolen from the North Carolina Statehouse by a Union soldier during the Civil War, officials said. “A carpetbagger took it in 1865,” said one official. “It’s really priceless.”

The document was recovered by the FBI in Philadelphia on Tuesday in an undercover operation when an individual attempted to sell it, officials said. The copy is believed to have been in North Carolina in recent years, but officials were uncertain where it had been for most of the past 138 years.

The true value of said document, however, is probably lost on most folks who benefit from it.

2 thoughts on “How much are your rights worth?

  1. We were just joking at work today that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were probably classified as terrorist documents by the current administration. I can see why they wouldn’t want an original copy floating around where just anyone could read and then try to interpret it and after the Patriot II gets shoved down our throats the Bill of Rights will just be a historical curiosity.

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