Good rebuttal to three anti-war arguments.

I don’t read ***Dave Does The Blog as a regular habit, but I may start. Several of the other blogs I read also read Dave’s blog and I’m beginning to see why.  The reason for this sudden interest in my part has to do with an entry he made on Tuesday titled, simply enough, Misconceptions.

In it he counters three of the common claims made by the anti-war folks and, unlike about 75% of the rest of the pro-war bunch in the blogosphere*, manages to do so in a way that’s reasonable and without resorting to calling all the anti-war folks nasty names. That immediately earned him a good deal of my respect.

I’ve already been labeled by some who have sent me email as being part of the anti-war group and I’ve already had a few choice words used to describe me as a result by said individuals. The truth is I’m more of a have-some-damn-good-proof-before-we-go-to-war type who’s not satisfied that it’s conclusive enough at this time. Dave’s arguments got me to sit down and reflect a bit on how I feel about the war and, more importantly, why I feel that way. I can’t say that it’s changed my opinion on the matter such that I now approve of this action at this time, but it has given me a new perspective to look at and I try to always be open to that. Kudos to Dave for getting his points across in a way that encourages thought on the topic.

Link found via Brian’s site, who seriously needs to join a 12 Step Program to get his addiction to WHAT TYPE OF ‘X’ ARE YOU quizzes under control.

*I don’t know that it’s really 75%, but it sure feels that way at times.

7 thoughts on “Good rebuttal to three anti-war arguments.

  1. Thanks for this, I will be reading it right away. I am like you, I am more of a “Question Authority” person, prone not to take the word of our government at face value.

    Ever read “The Day We Bombed Utah?” That book is enough to scare the bejeepers out of you when it comes to what our government will do to cover up things.

  2. No, I’ve not read that one though it has been suggested to me several times. Gonna have to break down and get a copy. grin

  3. I try never to argue politics with people I like.

    And, I try never to impose my political beliefs on those who will not get them.

    Probably why I rarely post anything political.

  4. There are a lot of folks who take that approach and I can respect that. I’m one who feels politics and religion are topics that should be discussed and debated as long as people try to remain civil about it. The problems with these discussions comes when people start to take it personally and start attacking the people they are debating with.

    I’ve had my mind changed on a number of topics because someone was able to show me a different perspective and I could see how my view was in error. Even when my opinion doesn’t change I often find I can at least understand the other person’s viewpoint a little better. Understanding is a big step in getting along with people.

  5. Not sure if you mean me or Brian’s comment, but just in case I’ll say: Not a problem. I give kudos where I think they are deserved.

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