Good Newsweek article on rise of anti-American sentiment.

There’s a good article titled The Arrogant Empire from Newsweek up at that I found to be very enlightening. It talks about why there is a growing anti-America sentiment in so many countries around the world including many of our closest allies and what might be done to fix the issue.

Nowhere has this appearance of diplomatic hypocrisy been more striking than on Iraq. The president got high marks for his superb speech at the Security Council last September, urging the United Nations to get serious about enforcing its resolutions on Iraq and to try inspections one last time. Unfortunately, that appeal had been preceded by speeches by Cheney and comments by Rumsfeld calling inspections a sham—statements that actually contradicted American policy—and making clear that the administration had decided to go to war. The only debate was whether to have the United Nations rubber-stamp this policy. To make matters worse, weeks after the new U.S.-sponsored U.N. resolution calling for fresh inspections, the administration began large-scale deployments on Iraq’s border.

A good read, go check it out.

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