Cowboy Bebop movie to hit American theaters.

Been awhile since I’ve talked about anime on here so here’s a welcome bit of good news. Looks like Sony Pictures will be releasing the Cowboy Bebop Movie in American theaters and the Ann Arbor/Detroit Area is scheduled to have at least a few places showing it. That makes for a nice change.

If you’re not already familiar with Bebop then you should rush out to your local video store and buy at least the first volume on DVD or VHS and sit down tonight and watch it. Chances are you’ll be back out tomorrow to pick up the rest of the series. This is a show that even non-anime fans seem to get into as it is well written, has a good story, and the English voice acting in the dub is pretty damned good to boot. Don’t take my word for it though, go to the official site and watch the trailer for yourself.

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  1. Kim can’t get into it; I’d love to watch the show, but she’s just not interested. She prefers anime with a fantasy twist; Lodoss, Escaflowne, Inuyasha—things like that.

  2. I am a huge fan of Cowboy Bebop and have been anticipating the movie release. Do you know what dates it will be showing in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area??

  3. ok, Coyboy beebop rocks the world, but I see no reason why those of us who love Bebop, Inuyasha, AND Tenchi, cannot live in peace with those who are more selective in their viewing.  WE MUST BREAK DOWN THE BARRIERS BETWEEN US AND STAND UNITED AS OTAKU’S!  Ok don’t know where that came from, but seriously anime rocks (I just got into it this summer)… cya around



  4. i have a question for you. i’ve been hearing a lot recently about a cowboy bebop movie in american theatres. i asked my friend about it, and he said that he already saw the movie a couple years ago.. so what’s with this new publicity? is it NOT a new movie? is it just dubbed? i’m curious because i know someone who loves cowboy bebop (she’s recently been busy, so she doesnt know what’s going on). anyway, if you could email me with an answer, that’d be great smile.. i’d appreciate it so much!

  5. I’ll email this response to you as well.

    Yes, it’s possible your friend did see the movie a year or more ago. It was released in Japan on September 1st, 2001. Like most anime released in the U.S. it has taken awhile for it to make the trip overseas. Before a title can be released here somone has to license it and that takes time. Then there’s the translation into English and the subtitling and dubbing process. When you add in the time needed to arrange a theatrical release of a title you begin to see why there’s such a big time difference.

    The movie being shown in theaters is dubbed into English as dubs generally do better than subs with the mainstream audience. Fortunately the English voice cast they used when they dubbed the TV series into English has returned for the movie and they do an excellent job overall. Feel free to ask if you have any additional questions.

  6. way back, about 15 years ago I lived over in japan for a while. when I came back to the states I brought my love for anime…unfortunitly the mid-west(where my beloved parents put us) was unfamiliar with the anime scene. when it finally broke out here(not really broke out, more slowly leaked in) I was really excited. but then one of my favorite anime’s (at the time) started catching on as an americanized cartoon-esque show. and now everyone knows what DBZ is, but it’s rare to find someone that knows what anime is. do you think this will happen to cowboy bebop with the release of the movie. I mean, they already cut the title off of the movie labeling it plainly “the cowboy bebop movie”

  7. Would someone tell me when the movie is coming out on video? I’ve searched for the date a while now and found every site just tells you how great the movie is. I’d like to see it for myself.

  8. Would someone tell me when the movie is coming out on video? I’ve searched for the date a while now and found every site just tells you how great the movie is. I’d like to see it for myself.

    Well, I saw the movie here in Phoenix in a little one cinema theater on Mill Ave. (ASU campus) I WAS VERY AMUSED ENTERTAINED, and well…. turned on by Spikes slickness, and how well he took all those action, bullet-filled scenes. Must see. 5 stars

  10. Mushi,Mushi! Cowboy bebop rules. It is one of the best anime shows. The movie blew me away..except, it’s a shame they series has ended.are there any sequels to the show? What becomes of all the characters… Watch Inuyasha…It’s a different style of anime in comparison to bebop, but it there are already 3 movies released and the episodes are still’ll instantly fall in love with all the character..It is not only for the audience who likes romance and action. inbetween it all there is a little perversion with a lecherous munk…watch…(note: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi,the queen of anime)

  11. Hello ive been watching bebop on Adult Swim at nights for lost a year ( and it just came back on and i got back into it ) I was woundering did it come out? i cant find it anywhere ;/ would be nice if you could tell me the most info u can abot this movie bb.

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