Checking in from the Spring Concert.

Courtney’s choir class at school held their “Spring Concert” tonight, a subject I’ve touched on before. Ratio of religious to non-religious songs for the evening was roughly half and that was mainly because there were two pop songs performed. One by a soloist and one by a small group of six girls. Both of the pop songs sounded like the kids had been given a hit of speed before they started as the music was easily twice as fast as normal.

When you consider that one of the songs was I Will Survive, which isn’t a slow song by any means, that ends up being quite a feat. The poor girl singing it held the mic too close and ended up sounding like an emasculated Scooby Doo imitating Gloria Gaynor.

Per usual the kids did a good job with even a tough song like Sanctus. Anne had class this evening so I ended up attending by myself which allowed me to chuckle more than usual at the overheard conversations of the more, white-bread, residents of this suburban community. I thought it was also somewhat surreal to watch a bunch of middle class white kids sing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot without really understanding much about the song’s background.

I betcha Eric could do a mean rendition of Swing Low…

3 thoughts on “Checking in from the Spring Concert.

  1. I Will Survive and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot??? What were they trying to do to those poor children? From a nurse’s perspective (albeit a disgusting example of a nurse)…that constitutes child abuse.

    Glad your daughter had a good time! That’s what it’s all about.

  2. I dunno, I can belt out a freakishly decent falsetto so maybe I Will Survive is more my style? I’ll stick to singing along with Oingo Boingo in traffic like the spaz that I am ;P

  3. The six girls singing is a triple trio of which I was once a member.
    Back some 50 years ago as an alto if I remember.

    But years of screaming, talking, and swearing,
    On the vocal cords life is very wearing.

    But to hear young voices no matter how rough and thin.
    Can bring back good memories and a very big grin!!

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